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iPad,iPhone disabled connect to itune solution

Pad iPhone disabled connect to iTune solution

Lets see how it is easy to fix or go about "iPhone or iPod is disabled connect to iTune". This particular issue is been caused when someone mistakenly or intentionally entered incorrect passcode for 10 times in any apple device like iPhone, iPod or ipad. The the phone will lock itself but though this feature can only be activated during security setup.

How to fix iPhone disabled

Go to iTunes and download latest.

Open downloaded iTunes and install it.

Open the software after installation and allow it to install drivers.

Check the apple device model number at the back of the device according to picture below.

check how to reset iPhone 6s plus without computer

iPhone disabled connect to itune

With the model number noted go to iOs ipsw download to download the particular device iOS latest or older version depends on your choice. Then save the file to a folder where you can remember. Before we continue we need to put the apple(iPhone, iPad) device in DFU Mode.

How to put iPhone to DFU Mode

Plug your device into your computer with the matchable device USB cable.

Turn off the device.

Hold the Power button for 3 seconds.

Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Release the Power button but keep holding the Home button

iPhone in dfu or flashing mode

Update apple device with iTunes 

Open iTunes

Open itune

The iPhone will be detected automatically

Looking the above picture carefully before you click ok button, then press and hold computer 'Shift key' this will popup a folder.

Then locate your downloaded iOS and select.

iPhone connected to iTune

With your mind relaxed take a tea cup and wait.

Watch the below picture as it install the Iphone or iPad iOS.

iPhone connected

If the process failed you repeat it. when you are done then the iPhone will reboot and you will follow the on-screen instructions to setup the phone.

Ensure you have the necessary answers to all the questions.


10 Reasons to JailBreak iOS 10

10 Reasons Why We Need to JailBreak iOS 10

ios 10 JailBreak

iOS 10 has been out for a long time and a significant number of us are now appreciating the wonderful new elements that it gives, for example, Bolt screen gadgets, iMessage impacts and Raise to Wake.

Check what you can do on locked iPhone

With each new emphasis of iOS, the working framework is getting more cleaned and highlight rich, which makes jailbreaking less energizing. However, there are still numerous reasons left with reference to why an escape for iOS 10 is still required. In this article, we will experience the 8 strong reasons why we need an escape for iOS 10.

iOS 10 jailBreak

1. Application Improvements

One of the best reasons of having an escape is adding new usefulness to stock and outsider applications and disposing of the confinements forced. On account of Pokemon Go, you can introduce escape changes that will permit you to move around the guide utilizing a joystick instead of strolling physically.

The Cydia store is loaded with heaps of changes to improve your experience utilizing stock and outsider applications running from changes for Instagram that permit you to spare photographs and recordings to your gadget to hacks for Snapchat that would permit you to view snaps the length of you need and spare them to your Camera Roll.

2. Document Chief

In the event that there's one vital element that is lost in iOS 10, that would be the document director. Considering the shut biological system of iOS, it's not a shock why Apple hasn't present this component yet. Be that as it may, with the assistance of escape, we can breath life into this element.

iFile is an entire record supervisor change that permits you to view framework documents and organizers and also alter them right from your iPhone. You can likewise spare records that you download from the web.

3. Topics

Jailbreaking will permit you redo your iOS gadget inside and out conceivable. You can introduce subjects to change the look and feel of your iPhone or you can utilize Winterboard that permits you to change your iPhone into an Android phoneor change your iPad into a Macintosh. Escape changes likewise let you include a 5-symbol dock, extra line of keys to iOS' virtual console, change the transporter logo and parts more.

You can change application symbols that pester you to better forms, composed by individuals from the group. You can check our post on the ideal jailbroken iPhone to get a thought of how you can modify your gadget.\

4. Get Select New iOS 10 Elements on More seasoned Gadgets

What number of you were frustrated to discover that the new 'Raise to Wake' include in iOS 10 is constrained to the iPhone 6s or more? Cydia engineers are brisk in porting new components to more seasoned gadgets. We have as of now observed changes on Cydia that convey 3D Touch usefulness to more seasoned gadgets and Picture-in-Picture mode.

By having an escape for iOS 10, there's most likely somebody will port Raise to Wake highlight to more seasoned gadgets. Truth be told, there is as of now an escape change called ProximityLock that uses the iPhone's Closeness Sensor to bolt and open your gadget.

5. Counteract access to applications and organizers

At the point when your iPhone falls into the wrong hands, there are chances that your private data will be seen without your authorization. Because of amazing escape changes in Cydia, for example, Asphelia, BioLockdown and BioProtect, you can bolt applications and envelopes on your gadget with Touch ID or password and keep unapproved individuals from getting to them.

6. Emulators

Longing for to play the traditional Sega and Gameboy diversions which were prevalent in your youth days? All things considered, with escape changes, for example, GBA4iOS and RetroArch, you can play these recreations right on your iOS gadget and bring back your old youth recollections.

7. Set Default applications

One of the real confinements of iOS is the absence of an alternative to set your most loved outsider application as the default application. Gratefully escape changes like MapsOpener, permit you to set Google Maps as the default application rather than Apple's Maps application and BrowserChooser permit you to change the default program.

8. Change Framework Textual style

BytaFont 2 permits you change the framework textual style on your jailbroken iPhone. It permits you to change the textual style in applications, Bolt screen, and then some.

9. Apple patch

We strongly believe that it will take time for apple to patch iOs 10. Enjoy it why it last.

10. Untrusted apps

Unknown and unverified apps can be installed.

These are a portion of the best reasons why we should JailBreak iOS 10 is required. There's no genuine news yet about the advance of an iOS 10 escape, however we will keep you overhauled when we get any data.


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What is WhatsApp?

"WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends..."


Whatsapp has announced that comes the end of 2016 it will not be supporting some phones.

i recently updated my whatsapp on blackberry z3 series on to end up with this FAQ warning from Whatsapp blog which i made a screenshot just take a look at the picture below

In the month of February, i listened to a program by Richard Quest on  CNN tagged,

"Shelly Palmer talks about Whatsapp's decision to stop support Blackberry on CNN's Quest Means Business. Original Airdate: February 29, 2016 - Whatsapp Says No to Blackberry - Shelly Palmer on CNN - NewsFuse.IN"


where he indicated that at the end of 2016 Blackberry including 10 series will be dropped by whatsapp.

In the month of April somebody gave me Blackberry 9700 to help install whatsapp but unfortunately i ended up getting a message from whatsapp FAQ the this device is unsupported.

After my research i discovered that all Blackberry running OS/firmware below version 7.1  have been dropped by whatsapp. this means that any blackberry below 9900 cannot support whatsapp before the middle of the year instead the end of the year.

So lets discuss, if whatsapp cannot support these device like

a) BlackBerry, BlackBery 10

all the BB will be dropped.

b) nokia S40 eg nokia 201, nokia x2-01

c) nokia Symbian S60 eg nokia E73, E63. N97 etc

c) Android 2.1 and android 2.2 like HTC, Samsung so on

whatsapp android 2.1

d) Window Phone 7.1 and below like Nokia, Motorola, htc etc

e) iPhone 3GS or others with iOS 6.0 and below

There are millions of people in Africa, Asia, US etc using these selected device. so what will be their fate, will there be another social network like whatsapp or will whataspp help upgrade their phones!

Well my opioion is that if whatsapp go on as they planned by January 2017 many phone users will say bye-bye to WhatsAPP!

You can suggest on what we are going to do next.

Please hit us with comments!

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