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How to get MTN 1GB for N200


How to get 1GB data on MTN network with N200 without any configuration. Just load N200 card, do your subscription and start surfing internet.

Are you are heavy internet browser. Do you like downloading. You also like watching youtubde videos. This information will help you. With MTN N200 card you can get 1GB data. This works in all MTN Simcard. Lets show you how it works. T&C applied.

How to activate MTN N200 for 1GB.

  1. Load N200 airtime on your MTN active Simcard.
  2. Dial *131*65# in your phone.
  3. Reply 1 and press OK if you want 250MB for N100
  4. Reply 2 and press OK if you want 1GB for N200
  5. Reply 3 and press Ok if you want 4GB for N1000
  6. Reply 1 and tap OK
  7. Reply 1 or 2 and tap OK
Check your phone for virus attack here

Watch the video below

Wait for a message. Your 1GB for just N200 has been activated. You can use the process and loads as many times as you wants. So N1000 can you 4GB. Enjoy you browsing.

Get Glo 1.2GB for N200 here

How to Check Data Balance.

  1. Dial *131# on your phone.
  2. Reply 4 and press Ok.
  3. Your balance will display.
Wait for some seconds to get your Data balance alert!

Top Technology Tips about devices that everybody must know

We are in technological age so it is easy to know what to do at a click of button.

6. Things to know before buying laptop or computer (PC)

1. The system manufacturer and support.

2. The system specifications.

3. The price compares to quality.

4. The system durability 

5. The weather friendly mainly in laptop (AMD- Hot ‎in Africa Intel ‎- less hot in Africa)

6. System compatibility with other peripherals.
Most times buying a new device is a great thing but making a mistake is disastrous.
The secret of buying any device like a smartphone is not about how good it looks, but how durable it is.
Machine fails

5 Thing to do after buying PC (or laptop)

1. Test the charging system or power cord.

2. Allow the system to work in intense be conditions.

3. Install application OS, followed by anti-virus.

4. Ping your computer (if 5pc) mostly with desktop icons management.

5. Test the system speed.
When you buy computer or laptop you don't need a modem rather a Hotspot from a smartphone. If us a desktop computer you buy together with WiFi card or adapter. If is laptop is has already built in WiFi card. With smartphone you can connect your PC through hotspot.

6 Things to know before buying android phone.

1. Check the manufacturer.

2. How durable is the phone (android) range for screen, touch, charging system, water or liquid resistance.

3. The price compare to the quality.

4. The specific(special features).

5. How to connect the phone to other peripherals Bluetooth, NTF, ‎EXTERNAL AUDIO.

If you have any smartphone in mind to buy, go to website and search for the particular phone specifications. After reading the specification go to ratings, rating is very important, because many people write review of products they have used or tested.
the review by current user will expose the further technical default of a particular device. 

No matter how good a phone or device might look perfection cannot be attain just like human. 

A smartphone with a good battery may lack speed.

A smartphone with a good speed may lack storage space‎.

A smartphone with appreciable space may lack in camera quality and so on.

Reading the review and rating will open your eyes to see manageable faults the device has

6. Things to do after buying new android or smart phone

1. Check the charger power rating in case your charger burnt.

2. Install the necessary app.

3. Uninstall the default unnecessary apps.

4. Use the phone at least to play games and browse anti-virus for your use. 

5. Check if it gets hot while charging.

6. Check the version (if android and read about the phone version)

11 android problems you can solve with developing option enabled.

1. Rooting.

2. Software reset.

3. OEM security patch enable.

4. Stay awake.

5. Desktop back-up password. 

6. Check running background apps. 

7. Shows layout boundaries.

8. Customise windows and a nomination scale.

9. Simulates display 

10. Show CPU wages 

11. Circuit background processor. Do not keep activation

TOP 7 ‎most Expensive phones

8 Secret function in Android you never know exist or use

1. Magnifying glass 

2. Aid late hearing aid 

3. NFC 

4. Hotspot 

5. Google map 

6. Reload/snap chart 

7. Text to speech 

8. Cache cleaner, RAM Optimize.

Check the following blog methods

Browse unlimited with MTN 1GB for 200

How to add textarea in blog or wordpress

How to add background colour or blog or WP.

How to add footer widget or gadget advert in blogger.

How to use image as background blogger post.


How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Do have have a Computer? Have you experienced Hard Disk Drive failure? What happened to your hard disk?.

HDD failure or crash is very bad experience not  only you loose your files but there may be something that you can't recover again. Imagine when you just finished an event, transfer the videos and pictures from your camera or phone to your computer only for HDD to crash. 

Most times as a tech guru, I don't dispose off my device that gone bad, because I always believe that there will be a solution to the problem. I have seen people that refuse flashing phone because of documents inside the phone though the phone is faulty.

We have in this website shown you other ways you can back up your documents free of charge. We even show you have to recover your lost phone. We also show you details on how to detect PC Virus and speed up your computer. We are making technology simple for everybody to use. This is our role in internet world. Committed to make life easier through technology tips.

Today you are going to show you how to repair that Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that is neither not working directly or use as a slave drive.

How to repair and recover a Computer Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 100% solution

Requirements: To repair HDD

  • The faulty or bad Hard Disk Drive

  • A set of screw drivers.

  • A soft cloth for cleaning.

  • A clean fluid.

  • An eraser for pencil.

  • A sharp blade.

    An External Hard Disk Drive casing.


How to transfer files from one device to another without USB connection

Devices wireless Files transfer

Have you wondered how easy it will be if you can transfer large file from one computer to another computer at a distance without connection the two together. Technology keeps making life easier and always here to bring you the new innovation and information and also teach you how to make use of the technology tips.


How to use Whatsapp in Computer without android software

WhatsApp is a social media that has more impact than Facebook. As whatsapp started groups, common interests started grouping in it. The expansion of whatsapp continues as many people here up to 3 whatsapp account per a person, one may be a member of 100 whatsapp groups.

Many people upgraded to Android phones just because of whatsapp. Unlike other social media whasapp select the type of phone it works with, so people sold or abandoned their BlackBerry 10 series, like z10,Q5,z30,z3 etc because of whatsapp problem. This problem can be fixed here.

So no matter how whatsapp disconnected some devices up till now most of those devices are still using whatsapp with some tricks.


Why you should uninstall the latest Operamini and Chrome from your android phone now.

Why you should uninstall the latest Operamini and Chrome from your android phone now.

Operamini became popular right from Nokia java ‎phones eg Nokia 5130, Nokia asha , Nokia symbiaan , China phones with Java compatible and other phones that can run on java. Remember that each phone has its own inbuilt browser but still comes with operamini. Operamini is fast growing mini phones browser to the extent that people see it as native browser as Google search engine is to other search engines.

Going by the number of users , is no doubt that operamini is the widely used browsing software. Operamini is used across all smart phones ranging from Java phones to apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and android phones like Samsung, Google phones, MTK, SPD, Nokia etc.

Unlike operamini we knew before whe we were using Android phones the operamini of today (latest) operamini has include what is not common and my not help us either.


The best application to have in every android smart phone

The best application to have in every android smart phone

Android phone are the best phone to enjoy if you have the right applications installed on the phone. Android phones are like empty and skeletal vehicle with only engine and wheel. Is only when you pimp a car it turns to ride.

c and power it, you must install OS( Operating System) and other applications to enable the PC work.

As android phones are like car and computer, when you buy new one ‎is only OS and few system applications you see inside the phone. So you must download or transfer other applications.

Those necessary applications (app apk) includes

1. True caller- although some android phones come with this app as default system app. It is important because with this app you can use to detect hidden caller phone numbers.

2. Social Media apps - the world is now a global village ad in order to follow the moving trends, a social media apps is a must. This social media includes; - WhatsApp, Facebook, wechat, Telegram, emails networks.

3. Google map- this app may sound strange to you but it suppose to be number one. The Google map acts as a guidance and escorts when you are going to unknown area. The application is self explanatory. Having the app is not just option but right choice.

4. Tracker application - this particular apps is essential to trace and track a lost items including person, phones and others. There is a set back with this particular app because it doesn't work in many countries.

5. File Transfer app- this is another important app because users are always in habit of give me this give me that. The major setback with this app is that as you collect and give files you also circulate virus. The transfer or sharing app includes Bluetooth. Flashshare, X ender etc

6. Android Games - there are thousands and millions of games to download. The setback with these games is that some of them occupy much storage spaces. Ranging from about 10MB to 10GB space for just one game.


How to write nonsense article or posts and still rank high in Google Search engine

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google

When I started blogging, I spent much time reading articles regularly SEO yoast I decorate my useful time and energy first to study more about SEO, the secret behind google first page rank and so on. If you are blogger the word TRAFFIC always rings in your mind.

Are you addicted online, reading articles being written by bloggers or being copied from bloggers. I hate reading copy and paste post of exact from different blogs. Have you heard about seo this and seo that. What do you hate about articles you read online? I have wasted my time reading an article about 3,000 words only ended up without picking any meaningful word from the article. Sometimes SEO got us confuse by saying that you have to write everything in one post in other to end up showing in google is a fact lie. You do not need 20,000 words of a post.

I once stumble on how to make $10,000 daily on facebook. I didn't read the article because of the attractive head line or title. I didn't read this article to learn how to make the said cash but to see the style of the writers message.

The title of this said post is like some book cover, well decorated but little meaning inside the book. When you said how to make $10,000 daily on facebook, the reader will be expecting steps and how to make the said money.

A reader will be expecting you to show steps on how you achieve the said goal. But guess what throughput 2,000 words of writing, this dude was jumping from one idea and the other that has no relationship with the caption of the article. When I finally became confused was when I saw how to sell herbal medicine on the article.

I wrote a brief article in other to appear on front page I wrote an article (a solution to something) that was only <300 that ranked first on Google for more than two years now.

You may be wondering and surprise to hear this but this is true. Am sounding like those marketers, freelancers, Africa Politicians always promising you fat and fat profit. They never wanted you to know the other side of failure. As a blogger I learnt that without advert you won't make a dime. That you prepared to failed if you are not going to advertise or pay any money for advert. But this is not true because I didn't advertise until I recent my first adsence threshold money.

Most of the people that write on how you can enhance your post or design your blog have one thing in common. Go through their articles is either they want you to subscribe by force, buy/order for ebook and you pay for one packaged or another.

You can hear them say leave AdSense there are other ways to make money online buy this e book!! This is how they make their money by selling or writing for the lazy ones. They are like opera company that will approve your blog to be shown by their news feed. They will never show your post unless your among the team copycant, edit, twist, news and paste.

So how can you nonsense over 3000 words article can rank high in google search engine?

After spending weeks of research online, I got the following answers

1. The post most be 1000 words or above -- lie

2. The post must be promoted or advertised--- lie

3. You have to organize your article to confirm with SEO standard---lie

4. You have to build your e-mail list ---lie

5. You may have a top domain ---lie

6. Your article must be 3 days old ---lie

7. Your blog structure will be sync with google account----- another lie

Looking up at points above, is just like somebody writing on how to get google AdSense approve on a blog with out getting his own approval. Most of where I find this type of articles and post is on second or third page of google. I read for reading sake and keeping my self busy with brain development. I read their articles to find fault and see their method of writing. I don't believe their ideals just as I said earlier I have one particular post that have been on google frnt page since 3 years I have other posts that are around 200 to 300 words but refuse to leave google first page. What am writing here is not promotion campaigns of my website or post but to open your eyes on what you should believe on the ingredients needed for your post or article s to rank on google first page.

I do some research before posting an article. I got some critics when I posted the secrets behind Nigeria network data bonus so smart guys did research and agreed with me. I know that many will also critics this article but the most plain thing in life is nothing but truth. The worst will still come as am going to publish the secret behind whose website blog is being featured in opera newsfeed data base?
If you are interested in learning the truth about technology manipulation this is the right website. I like the article marketers, I like those that help you understand the ways you should organise your blog post.

Whait a minute they donot have ads on their website, are they running charity organization, how do they make some change? The worst guys are those traffic seekers that only tell you how to make millions online. If they know they know that why are they writing posts and wasting their time.

At this time I hope the article is still interesting that is how marketers convince you on buying their products. The google is already saturated with articles and posts.  So your niche is the key that can catapult your post to google first page! Am not discouraging you from writing 10,000 words of a post but how relevant are the words? Read about 3,000 words of a post and the meaning is only on two sentences of about 9 words, so why did this writer wasted about 10 plain answer sheets? Why are you wasting words on one post whereby other article s are untouched and untaped.

In order for me not to waste words on this particular Post am leaving you with this little words to be continued in part 2.

Thanks for reading,

Comment if you can or critics??!!!



How Android phones Reveal Your Secrets without You knowing

Androids Secret that you don't know

The most intelligence spy you have around you, is your android smart phone.
Android which was introduced by Google in 2008 as open source Operating System (OS)  software. It records a massive recognition among users. Android has about two billion users worldwide. Android can as a liberation from other smart phone OS such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple phone.

Android OS ‎was accepted by almost all the smart phone companies except apple, the apple company still hold on their own smartphone Os  which is very difficult and hack and hard to crack.

Everybody wants to have android phone and with the latest OS and upgrade able  ‎features. Having android phone is a dream come through, but the secret about android smartphone is what you don't know much about.


1.      Touch screen. 

Androids come with touch screen (about 90%‎) you touch with your fingers or body. What is the secret behind touch? Screen working with your body but not with any other object? Do you know anything about this tech.
Your body is an electrical conductor which helps to complete an open electrical circuit of touch screen and Android…. 

2.     Android Google map.

Many people think that android Google map is just to check map. No No is not only that. Android Google map can take you to a set destination. If you are lost on a journey and going to place you don't know much about. Set your Android phone with Google map to a nearest notable or recognized center of the place you are going. Android map will not only take you there but also guide you on a route to take.

3.      Your personal information 

Once you setup android, you must activate find my phone in Android. This helps you to locate your phone but also identify your present location. If anybody can have access to your email, the person can locate your position through this feature.

4.     Google drop box or Google storage. 

Are you a tech literate, do you know how to activate your Google drop box storage? If yes do you know that android install/save your photo/videos on drop box automatically if activated? Here if anybody hack or have access to your account then the person can gain access about your personal information.

5.     Virus and hackers. 

Virus and hackers are almost the same thing. This is because virus is normal program written by hackers to disrupt or steal once information. How did android come in here? Android is on open source software (OS) so hackers write android apps (Apk) and send online.

 Check Signs that your Android has been affected by virus

Once you download /install this application, it will not only‎ corrupt your Android smartphone but also steal all your information on the phone inform of codes. 

6.     Android security flows 

Android development stated from 2.0 to present 9.0 versions. But out of all this development unlike icloud account in Apple device, there is no android phone that is hackable or crackable, Android introduced many security measures like FRP (factory reset protection) face recognition, finger print, activation security, McAfce antiviruse security.

 You may like Different ways to locate your lost or stolen

Till this moment none of this security measures that cannot be hacked, bypass, reset and wiped. So one thing you don't know is that if your backup is activate, if your smartphone is lost or stolen. Chances are that the new users can have full access to your backup information. After flashing and restore.

7.     Voice activation.

Just as you type a word to search Google you can as well talk to search.
Voice/‎speech to text is another function of Android that we need to discuss. The function though not popular is not a good one. What is the secret behind this technology? Your voice is been converted to text, I think this function is for those that are handicap because it look like a flaw in technology.
Have you tried this one day?. If you say come Google will bring like 10 different kinds of possible words associated with come.



Whatsapp to start showing ads (advert) on the whatsapp app.

Whatsapp to start showing advert on the whatsapp app.

WhatsApp which introduced some secutity messures recently is a messaging app that was created by Brian Action and Jan Kuam back in 2009. The idea came to subsidize the cost effect of SMS charged by networks provider.

WhatsApp is just like other social media, have you ever wondered how to makes its money? Or how it raised found without advertisement. Unlike other social media like Facebook, Twitter, instagram there is no way you read more than two pages without seeing ads in between. But WhatsApp is different no ads.

Check how to solve Blackberry 10 Sharing failed try later.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 with whooping sum of $19 billion. If you know Facebook well your will agree either me that they are business minded that why they generate money here and there. Since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp which it feels that is rival to Facebook messenger.

Although the founder of WhatsApp are no longer in controll of WhatsApp which has up to 1.5 billion users sending about 60 millions message daily. As Blackberry 10 is struggling to keep up with whatsapp pace. Before they left they generated about $3M from the selling of app alone. In some countries before you download WhatsApp you have to pay about $1. This idea of app purchase was later stopped n made it free for all download.

People are still speculating that ‎ Facebook use personal data generated from WhatsApp for business purposes. May thus be true then there will be done security concerns about WhatsApp app. 

Facebook recently announced that they will stop the WhatsApp old fashion ways of making money through sell of whatsapp apps. This may be the reason the founder of WhatsApp left Facebook company. Facebook has said that they are carrying out so advert platform on WhatsApp. Hopefully, later the year 2018 on early 2019 WhatsApp will be running ads on background. Facebook is all about business..


How group Admin of Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check below how to can control whatsapp group as Admin

 How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Social media is gradually changing the way we live or behave. So people can deny themselves or two thing just to be on social Media stream. We started from 2GO, to Facebook, to Wechat, to Twitter, to Whatsapp and etc. Just as linkedin has pages and groups, facebook has pages and gruops, Twitter has groups. Whatsapp has introduced groups where people with like minds come to share issues together. 


How to speed up your computer naturally

How to speed up your computer

How to fix that your slow computer or PC without software.

No matter how android phones are taking d position of computer. This is no way computers will disappear completely. Many of us more especially in IT world can't do without pc, not one but two or more. We need it so others too.

You bought a computer, you install your desire applications, download what you like. You keep installing and uninstalling application. Have you ever ask yourself here all these uninstall‎, deleted, or removed files and applications go.

In your Recycle Bin, you just click empty the trash and us empty. So where is the Trash. Let me educate you the trash doesn't disappear rather it went to occupy another sector in hardest drive HD. You have heard about prove that your HD content can be recovered. So if the trash disappeared how can this be possible?

Bring our discussion home, how slow is your computer? What do you do when you notice that your pc is slow unlike before? What jumps on people mind is format. I worked in a company where you can't just wake up and format somebody system. There many applications online that claim to clean pc, Am afraid of this to avoid virus on hacking my computer.


Triberr a social media for bloggers

Triberr the fast growing social media traffic pusher for bloggers

You just started blog this 2018 with a unique name and no money left with you. And you are wondering how to make your new or old blog popular. Are you tired of searching for a platform? Have you tried other platforms? Don't gave up! Triberr is there to help you achieve your beautiful dreams.

Triberr is a social media platform where bloggers join or create tribes to reach maximum audience. It may sound funny or outrageous but the truth is that you audience and readers can reach millions without you spending a dime. All you need to do is registers here and follow other tribes. Triberr is the only platform that understand your language as blogger with you spending all you have fir advert.

Many advert platform are good but you have to pay. Google  Adwords‎ can give you traffic but you must make some extra budget for it. Facebook ads reach many people but the problem with facebook is that some network providers assign particular data package for Facebook.  Imagine a situation whereby a facebook user is limited to go through what he sees on his wall but can't go further than that. This makes it difficult for those on facebook to click your direct blog.

Triberr the fast growing social media traffic pusher for bloggers

As a blogger you advertize on Facebook or twitter or linkedin pages but the user may just see it and continue reading without click. Is only on triberr that readers who are in the same shoes know what you want. A triber in Triberr not only read and see everything in your wall but also reach your blog for more information.

Blog is traffic, traffic is blog, blog growth depends on audience, is only in triberr tribes you can get this maximum reach traffic for free.
Just take a look at below picture of a blogger and see the traffic he reached through triberr.

You can be like him, why not join triberr today and sky will be your traffic starting point.

First time I registered with triberr, I got 336 views on my blog under 1 minute. Why not register here or here


How to make 6 figures about $1M with just $10

How to make 6 figures about $1M with just $10
Learn How to make money

Have you ever wondered what is Cryptocurrency? What is happening in world of Bitcoin? Who owns and holds the currency? Who are those called merchant? How did Bitcoin came to be? How stable and sustainable is Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency? 


Glo and their endless network problems

Are you Glo network user, are you still wondering why you can't open some websites, "This site can't be reached" you think is network or the site problem? You are wrong is Glo endless network issues since 2014.

In Nigeria everything is possible. Abnormalities can be normal depending on who is blowing the whistle. Most often the commoners always suffer the pains why the rich goes free. 

Most of the companies that operate in Nigeria always use the poor sweat to water the middle-class. No matter how loud you shout, once it doesn't hurt the rich or government, your voice is as good as silent.

Another question that can give you curiosity is why the government don't pay attention when things are going wrong, but sometimes they are not to blame because wrong people are always in the right place.
If a lawyer is minister of power and Doctor is a minister of commerce what do you expect. 

 Let's go to the business of the day. Have you noticed that most times you called somebody on phone with Glo line, you airtime and phone will be counting but you won't hear the person. This is painful, but who will you report to? Sometimes ago Glo came up slashing their data, signing celebrities and sponsoring football not minding they have the most poorest network in Nigeria.


How to use Google Trends 2018 update

Google Trends

Many years it has been a norm that Google has a unique way of keeping her followers busy.
A part from other products that is been released by Google, for marketing purposes, others products can make you go back to school or crack your brain.

Most at times is common that when you as somebody ask question the answer you will get is *google it* not minding that Google is not the only search engine in the internet.

There are other search engine like Bing, Yahoo,, Baidu.,, Internet active, etc. Is just that Google is popular so instead of saying *search Internet* or use *search engine* you will here google it. Yes, Google has many diversity and innovations and growing better and tougher with their numerous protocols. 

Coming to the business of the day, I want to emphasis on Google trends. As you may know google trends us a place where you get the latest information on the world from different countries. Most of the information are those once that have the highest number of searches online.

Google Trends country statistics

Google trends interest is only when the news keeps circulating and expanding.
Before you go to google trends to get the latest we news around the world but today us more of statistical approach than the news itself. Recently, Google trends carry out some updates on the platform which makes difficult to just get a news you are looking for without running around numerous numbers of bars in statistical forms.


 Is funny enough that if you keep following this lines, you may end up coming back where you started thereby the essence of your search is defeated

Google Trends

So how do we search Google Trends after their 2018 Updates. 

1.  Search through countries, sometimes it may be difficult for you to see all the countries, what comes up first is USA and the most recent highest search so click  on the arrow to see other countries.

 2. Scroll down the most popular search depends on your interest and choose among the selections

3. Search through the magazine, blog or newspaper that reported your interested news

Check these solutions

Tecno Spark K7 Hard ResetNokia 105 Local Mode solutionTecno WX3 Hard Reset

4, You can go ahead to compare the result of your selected search and other related search in the Google Trends.


How to get Google adsense stops showing after buying domain name approved 2018

You have Google adsense approved blogspot but want to buy a domain name. 

Google adsense approval 2018

Don't be in a haste read down  my experience first. My google adsense was approved on my blogspot not youtube on any other platform. My adsense has been displaying in the blogspot till I upgraded to domain name. What happened the whole ads disappeared only shows blank and on blog previews!

I went to Google adsense forum and complained. Thanks for the expert quick answer. Below was our details conversations.

My adsense stops showing after buying domain name.
I have approved adsense running on my blogspot.
As soon as I redirected the blogspot to domain name
All the add became blank.
What is the reseason?

Read also How to Start Blog 2018

If your Google AdSense account is "hosted" (for example: you did apply for Google AdSense with Blogger, YouTube, etc., you've got it approved, then your Google Account is "hosted"), then you need to start an upgrade - if you want to monetize your own domain name:
Use my hosted AdSense account to show ads on my own site


Window 8 password reset trick

How to reset Window 8 password without CD or Login or Command or software

Window 8 password reset

Welcome to the aim of this website is to make life easier for the use. We strive to a length in other to break those unbreakable complex tricks in technology. We have written on many things but will continue to write. Just continue visiting the web as new things that will help you keeps coming on the site.


HP 2000, 2xxx series Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

Buying of Laptop is a big achievement depending what you tend to use it for. If you not using it for fun, then you should be more careful the way you handle it. Most people think that Laptop is like Android smart phone with common USB port. So anywhere they see adapter or charger, they will plug in their Laptop.

Laptop is not a phone, it select an adapter. The adapter Laptops use varies in Wattage, current and voltage. Voltage is more pronounced than others. it varies from 14V to 20V. where V represents Voltage. The adapter comes in different pin port.

The signs of faulty laptop

Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved

Battery is not charging when plug in.

Sparks come from the laptop board.

When you plug it in charger/adapter the port will be loose.

Move the power plug and the laptop loses connection

Broken or cracked dc jack

Laptop does not indicate charging but worked on battery

Causes of faulty Laptop

A mistake in manufacturer designs

Use of unspecified of fake ac adapter

Frequent change of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter

Instability of supplying light to the ac adapter cord.

How to fix HP2000 and all 2xxx series power problem

Check How to remove  Laptop BIOS password

            Check How to call DSTV for free numbers

Lets go

Get your screw-driver ready and picker.

Get your Rework station and Paste ready.

You may be needing small amount of lead.

Step 1 Turn the backside of your laptop and remove the battery.

Step 2 Open the RAM, Wireless LAN adapter cover and detach the two.

Step 3 Open Hard disk Drive cover and remove the Hard Drive.

Step 4 Ensure you remove all the available nuts from the back.

Step 5 Check the nut/screw holding the CD ROM and loose it so you can detach the ROM.

Step 6 Careful detach the keyboard and loose screws under it.

Step 7 Careful separate the Laptop completely.

Observe this picture closely and you can notice about two burnt ic

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution 

Get a similar Motherboard and remove the ic from there

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

After the ic replacement you cam power your HP Notebook.

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