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How to add advert footer widget in blog or WordPress.

How to add advert footer widget in blog or WordPress.

1. Login to your blog or WordPress.

2. Click to open blogger dashboard.

3. Scroll down to layout see picture.

4. Click to add widget.

5. When a widget open, click sign html.

6. Another window will open for title and code see picture below.

7. Leave Tittle empty.

8. Copy this code....and add to the place of code. See code below

9. Ensure you have added what you want to display on footer example adsense.

10. Edit the widget to you test like move left, right, center and cover.

11. Click save to save the widget.

12. Go to theme, jump to widgets to make the widget show on mobile.

Blogging is a nice work when you have passion not mindset of making money. Blogging is the best online business to do, but when you choose a wrong niche, or follow the crowd with general niche(entertainment) niche you make not make headway unless you have some good money to advertise.

There are many untouched niche out there, why not find one and specialize or make hubby.
Reading what SEO experts say may be misleading because they write to reduce their bounce rate.

If you are expert in a field, blog on that field and sky is your stepping stone.

Footer ads code

Check the following blog methods

Browse unlimited with MTN 1GB for 200

How to add textarea in blog or wordpress

How to add background colour or blog or WP.

Get 10 Top Technology gadgets Tips.

How to use image as background blogger post.


Samsung GT E1500 E1207 phone lock code password remove trick

Samsung GT E1500 phone lock code password remove trick

Samsung GT E1500 phone lock code password

How to remove Samsung E1500 without computer flashing

Step 1. Charge Samsung E1500 battery about 50%.

Step 2. Insert Simcard in E1500 Samsung phone.

Step 3. Power the phone and allow some time for signal register.

Step 4. Dial Emergency call from right side and select yes from left side.

Step 5. As emergency calls is connecting keep press * key until it display on screen,

Step 6. Quickly dial *2767*2878#. eeprom reset will show on the screen. Allow the phone perform automatic reset.

After sometime the phone will restarts and the password is gone.

Note: If you dial *2767*2878#, what will display is *2767*----#. 
Is still hard for any Flashing Box to connect and remove Samsung E1500 password successfully.

How to reset Tecno F1 frp google account in 2 minutes. No software No PC needed.

Here, we are going to show you how to reset Google Account Tecno F1 8.1 Android version. This method is for personal use if you forget your Gmail account password or account name.

How to bypass Tecno F1 8+1 without PC or software .

Step 1. Charge your Tecno F1 battery.

Step 2. Press and hold volume down and power button together until fastboot mode appears.

Step 3. Highlight *clear emmc* with volume down and select it with power button to format the Tecno F1.

Step 4. When the phone boot select start to check if is Google Account lock or ask for PIN.

See Infinix Hot 6 FRP Google account reset.

Step 5. Connect your phone to WIFI or Hotspot to enable internet on the phone or use Simcard.

Step 6. Return to Home screen and tap Emergency Calls.

Step 7. Tap Emergency Information option up.

Step 8. Tap edit icon upper right .

Step 9. Select and edit any contact. Open the contact, tap 3 dots on top of open contact and select Share.

Step 10. Choose Gmail and select SET UP EMAIL, select Other and add your existing gmail address.

Step 11. Press MANUAL SETUP and choose Exchange followed by ok, enter your own PIN and restart Tecno F1.

Congratulations Tecno F1 FRP is gone.

#Tecno F1 frp google account reset


How fix Whatsapp sharing failed pictures and videos in blackberry 10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z3.

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z30

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Q10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Q5

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Classic

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Passport

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry PRIV

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed pictures and videos  in blackberry 10
Whatsapp on BB10

Recently we posted how to retain Whatsapp on Blackberry 10 as whatsapp wants bypass those with this kind of phones. As we are in giving technology guide we followed this issues of sharing failed is you are using android whatsapp on BB10. Though android apk application can work on BB10 but without some configurations you can't send pictures and videos.

How to fix sharing failed in Blackberry 10.


Remove or Reset android password without lost of data

How to remove or Reset android password or code or pattern without lost of data

Many people keep asking this particular question "how can I reset android code without lost of data". We have taken our time to attend to this question.

Here, we tested android phones with Volcano box. You can test with other phone flashing box. 

There are two method here:-

  1. Read the android information

Remove or Reset android code without lost of data

2. Read the pattern or code  partition.

Remove or Reset android code without lost of data

USB Backup Facotry Files(FULL)
08:50:38 Operation:
1. Power off the phone.
2. Please insert USB cable within 40 seconds.
08:50:44 MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM101)
08:50:45 Connecting...
08:50:45 CPU TYPE:MT6580
08:50:45 Hardware version:CA00
08:50:45 Software version:0000
08:50:45 SecCfgVal :0x00000000
08:50:45 BromVersion :0xFF
08:50:45 BLVersion :0x01
08:50:47 Boot downloading...
08:50:49 EMMC_ID:0x110100303034474530009447F46B9375
08:50:49 EMMC_PRODUCT_NAME: 0x303034474530
08:50:49 EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00200000
08:50:49 EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00200000
08:50:49 EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00080000
08:50:49 EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000
08:50:49 EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000
08:50:49 EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000
08:50:49 EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000
08:50:49 EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x0EC000000(3.69 G)

08:50:49 Finding partition.
08:50:51 MTKxCPU: MT6580
08:50:51 ProdName: 4034D
08:50:51 ProdModel: 4034D
08:50:51 Device: Pixi4-4
08:50:51 AndroidVer: 6.0
08:50:51 Brand: TCL
08:50:51 MTKxPRJ: alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.34_jhz6580.weg.m_P38
08:50:51 DisplayID: Marshmallow
08:50:51 BoardID:
08:50:51 BuildDate: Wed Aug 31 16:03:56 CST 2016
08:50:51 Usb backup(full) may take more than 30 mins.
08:50:52 Reading pgpt .
08:50:52 Reading proinfo .
08:50:53 Reading nvram.bin .
08:50:54 Reading protect1 .
08:50:56 Reading protect2 .
08:50:58 Reading para .
08:50:58 Reading lk.bin .
08:50:59 Reading logo.bin .
08:51:01 Reading boot.img .
08:51:03 Reading recovery.img .
08:51:06 Reading oemkeystore .
08:51:08 Reading secro.img .
08:51:09 Reading keystore .
08:51:11 Reading seccfg.bin .
08:51:12 Reading expdb.bin .
08:51:15 Reading mobile_info .
08:51:16 Reading frp .
08:51:18 Reading nvdata.bin .
08:51:24 Reading metadata .
08:51:29 Reading system.img .
08:54:36 Reading otp .
08:54:44 Reading userdata.img .
08:54:45 Reading cache.img .
08:54:45 Android_Info.txt create success.
08:54:45 File save path:C:\\MT6580_4034D_Pixi4-4_6.0_TCL_alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.34_jhz6580.weg.m_P38_2017-08-30 11_20_51\
08:54:45 Elapsed time: 00:04:07.

Like Nokia password remove without flashing use the code and open your phone normally.


How to flash Blackberry 10 with

How to flash Blackberry Z10, Q10, Priv etc with this error message:


Almost every smartphone has one problem or the other. Ranging from corrupt software, apps, os, nternal system etc to displaying a particular error on LCD.

The emergent of blackberry 10 os known as BB10 has a close edge to normal android phone. These sets of phones that is BB10 can run both blackberry and android apps.

Apart from that the phone:- BB10 comes with some issues that the os can just corrupt. This may be cause by hard reset of virus attack. Whatever way we always here to help you out of the trouble.

BB 10 error display solution solution


What to do when you see this information on your BB10 screen.

  1. Download BBlink software or download BB10 drivers of the PC os you are using.

  2. Install the drivers on your PC.

  3. Download autoloader of your BB10 e.g. if your BB10 is Z10 the autoloader must be Z10.

  4. But not only Z10 autoloader unless you are using universal autoloader like Q10-Q5 autoloader.

  5. So you have to open the BB10 battery and check the information below the battery.

  6. Here, you will see something like STL100-1, -2, -3 or SQN100-1,-2,-3. So if your BB10 is STL100-1, the autoloader you will dowbload must be STL100-1 autoloader.

  7. After downloading, save the file on a location you can remember.

  8. Connect your BB10 to PC with USB, wait for drivers to install.

  9. Open your autoloader and grab your paper as you wait for the operation to complete.

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How to use whatsapp on BB10.

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How to format Nokia symbian with box or hand

How to format Nokia symbian with box or hand

This particular solution can be done with flashing box like Cyclone, Jaf, UFS3, ATF. Just follow the picture above diagram.

Booting Phone via FBUS...

VBATT Powering Down <<<<
VBATT Powering Up >>>>
SET VCCIO Level Done
SET BSI Load Done

AdvanceBox SendBootCodeEx
InitialiseBootstrap_DCT5 DIR


BootFlashModeDCT5Ex Succeeded after 4 Attempts
SYSTEM_ID_RESPONSE_BB5 (0xC0) - 0 (0x00) bytes returned
Number of Sub Blocks 7 (0x07)
Block Length : 21 (15)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
ID DWORD 0 : 00000001
ID DWORD 1 : 00000226
ID DWORD 2 : 00010006
ID DWORD 3 : 400C1921
ID DWORD 4 : 01051103
Block Length : 5 (05)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
ID DWORD 0 : 00000296
Block Length : 5 (05)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
ID DWORD 0 : 00000B22
Block Length : 21 (15)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
ID DWORD 0 : 1E000107
ID DWORD 1 : B1820052
ID DWORD 2 : C319D89F
ID DWORD 4 : 1C839822
Block Length : 2 (02)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
Mode Id : 00
Block Length : 17 (11)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
Hash : C7 0C B0 73 24 05 6B C6 6A 82 43 47 F4 0D B2 D5
7 ROM_ID 15
Block Length : 9 (09)
BB ASIC Index : 0 (00) CMT
CRC 0 : 4B9B7510
CRC 1 : 3E691FF8
Checksum 7E

C:\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\Nokia\BB5_Loader\New\RAPIDOv11_2nd.fg
Boot File - Version 012.08.00
Boot File - Revision 0x0002 (2)
eBB5ProtocolType == New
PrepareBootstrapFile_DCT5 replaced "SILO" with "2ND\0"
PrepareBootstrapFile_DCT5 replaced "BOOT_MEDIAX" with "BOOT_MEDIA0"
SearchForBootstrap_DCT5 : No Error - 0 (0x00)
Secondary Loader Sent...
FPIF_TRANSMISSION_MODE_LIST_BB5 using default mode 04 DDRand2TX
TRANSMISSION_TYPE_REQUEST_BB5 : 59 02 41 02 04 00 36 03 00 00 61 1C

C:\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\Nokia\BB5_Loader\New\RAPIDOv11_XSR15_alg.fg

Scanning Simlock Applet Type...

Basic Phone Information
MCU Version: V ICPR71_09w47.11 14-02-11 RM-600 (c) Nokia
IMEI Plain : 356926032570232
IMEI Spare : A356926032570230
IMEI SV : 33569260325702309F
Phone Model: Nokia E63
Category : Smartphone
Phone Type : RM-600

Checking Available Drives...

Z: - NOR/NAND - RomDrive

Drive C: [NO NAME] Format Successful


How to remove LG GX200 password

How to remove LG GX200 password

Many a time we failed to remember a password we used to a particular phone or device may be because of time or other issue we face. Let me show you the easier way to unlock or remove LG GX200 password or enter code.

      LG GX200 password

Do you have this kind of old phone with lock password, why not follow the instruction on how to get it fixed.

Step on how to remove LG code

  1. Use RJ45 cable and connect the lG GX200 as shown in the picture below.

    LG GX200 password

2. Connect the RJ45 as indicted in the diagram below.

     LG GX200 password

3. Then connect to any china phone box, GPG Dragon, Volcano box or Miracle box.

    LG GX200 password

4. Read the LG GX200 info first.

           LG GX200 password

5. Then after the Read info you backup the LG GX200 flash file incase anything go wrong.

     LG GX200 password

6. You either the the code and insert the code manually or you format to phone to reset the LG GX200 to factory setting.

Note: You have to be careful because any ohone being handle with china flashing box can fail to power on. So backing up of the flash file of LG GX200 is very important so that the LG GX200 can be restored if it fails to power on after reset.


Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it.


Samsung hidden code that can be used

Do you want to know all the information about your Samsung phones, smartphone and Tabs follow the codes below:

Samsung secret codes

Programming form: *#9999#

IMEI number: *#06#

Serial number: *#0001#

Battery status-Memory limit : *#9998*246#

Troubleshoot screen: *#9998*324# - *#8999*324#

LCD differentiate: *#9998*523#

Vibration test: *#9998*842# - *#8999*842#

Caution beeper - Ringtone test : *#9998*289# - *#8999*289#

Smiley: *#9125#

Programming adaptation: *#0837#

Show differentiate: *#0523# - *#8999*523#

Battery information: *#0228# or *#8999*228#

Show stockpiling limit: *#8999*636#

Show SIM card data: *#8999*778#

Indicate date and wake up timer: *#8999*782#

The show amid notice: *#8999*786#

Samsung equipment adaptation: *#8999*837#

Indicate organize data: *#8999*638#

Show got channel number and got power: *#8999*9266#

*#1111# S/W Adaptation

*#1234# Firmware Adaptation

*#2222# H/W Variant

*#8999*8376263# All Renditions Together

*#8999*8378# Test Menu

*#4777*8665# GPRS Device

*#8999*523# LCD Splendor

*#8999*377# Mistake LOG Menu

*#8999*327# EEP Menu

*#8999*667# Investigate Mode

*#92782# Telephone Display (Wap)

#*5737425# JAVA Mode

*#2255# Call List

*#232337# Bluetooth Macintosh Address

*#5282837# Java Form

Sort in *#0000# on a Samsung A300 to reset the dialect

Ace reset(unlock) #*7337# (for the new Samsung E700 x600 yet not E710)

Samsung E700 sort *#2255# to show mystery call log (not tried)

Samsung A300, A800 telephone open enter this *2767*637#

Samsung V200, S100, S300 telephone open : *2767*782257378#

#*4773# Incremental Excess

#*7785# Reset wakeup and RTK clock cariables/factors

#*7200# Tone Generator Quiet

#*3888# BLUETOOTH Test mode

#*7828# Errand screen

#*#8377466# S/W Adaptation and H/W Rendition

#*2562# Restarts Telephone

#*2565# No Blocking? General Safeguard.

#*3353# General Safeguard, Code Eradicated.

#*3837# Telephone Holds tight White screen.

#*3849# Restarts Telephone

#*7337# Restarts Telephone (Resets Wap Settings)

#*2886# Auto Reply ON/OFF

#*7288# GPRS Segregated/Joined

#*7287# GPRS Appended

#*7666# White Screen

#*7693# Rest Deactivate/Initiate

#*2286# Information battery

#*2527# GPRS changing set to (Class 4, 8, 9, 10)

#*2679# Copycat include Dynamic/Deactivate

#*3940# Outer looptest 9600 bps

#*4263# Hands free mode Initiate/Deactivate

#*2558# Time ON

#*3941# Outer circle test 115200 bps

#*5176# L1 Rest

#*7462# SIM Stage

#*7983# Voltage/Freq

#*7986# Voltage

#*8466# Old fashioned

#*2255# Call Fizzled

#*5376# Erase ALL SMS!!!!

#*6837# Official Programming Adaptation: (0003000016000702)

#*2337# Perpetual Enlistment Beep

#*2474# Charging Span

#*2834# Sound Way (Hands free)

#*3270# DCS Bolster Initiate/Deactivate

#*3282# Information Actuate/Deactivate

#*3476# EGSM Actuate/Deactivate

#*3676# Design Streak VOLUME!!!

#*4760# GSM Enact/Deactivate

#*4864# White Screen

#*7326# Adornment

#*7683# Rest variable

#*3797# Flickers 3D030300 in RED

#*7372# Resetting the opportunity to DPB factors

#*3273# EGPRS multislot (Class 4, 8, 9, 10)

#*7722# RLC bitmap pressure Enact/Deactivate

#*2351# Flickers 1347E201 in RED

#*2775# Change to 2 internal speaker

#*7878# FirstStartup (0=NO, 1=YES)

#*3838# Squints 3D030300 in RED

#*2077# GPRS Switch

#*2027# GPRS Switch

#*0227# GPRS Switch

#*0277# GPRS Switch

#*22671# AMR REC Begin

#*22672# Stop AMR REC (Record name:/a/sight and sound/sounds/voice list/ENGMODE.amr)

#*22673# Delay REC

#*22674# Continue REC

#*22675# AMR Playback

#*22676# AMR Stop Play

#*22677# Delay Play

#*22678# Continue Play

#*77261# PCM Rec Req

#*77262# Stop PCM Rec

#*77263# PCM Playback

#*77264# PCM Stop Play

#*22679# AMR Get Time

*#8999*364# Guard dog ON/OFF

*#8999*427# Guard dog flag course setup

*2767*3855# = Full Reset (Alert each put away information will be erased.)

*2767*2878# = Custom Reset

*2767*927# = Wap Reset

*2767*226372# = Camera Reset (erases photographs)

*2767*688# Reset Portable television

#7263867# = Smash Dump (On or Off)

*2767*49927# = Germany WAP Settings

*2767*44927# = UK WAP Settings

*2767*31927# = Netherlands WAP Settings

*2767*420927# = Czech WAP Settings

*2767*43927# = Austria WAP Settings

*2767*39927# = Italy WAP Settings

*2767*33927# = France WAP Settings

*2767*351927# = Portugal WAP Settings

*2767*34927# = Spain WAP Settings

*2767*46927# = Sweden WAP Settings

*2767*380927# = Ukraine WAP Settings

*2767*7927# = Russia WAP Settings

*2767*30927# = GREECE WAP Settings

*2767*73738927# = WAP Settings Reset

*2767*49667# = Germany MMS Settings

*2767*44667# = UK MMS Settings

*2767*31667# = Netherlands MMS Settings

*2767*420667# = Czech MMS Settings

*2767*43667# = Austria MMS Settings

*2767*39667# = Italy MMS Settings

*2767*33667# = France MMS Settings

*2767*351667# = Portugal MMS Settings

*2767*34667# = Spain MMS Settings

*2767*46667# = Sweden MMS Settings

*2767*380667# = Ukraine MMS Settings

*2767*7667#. = Russia MMS Settings

*2767*30667# = GREECE MMS Settings

*#7465625# = Check the telephone bolt status

*7465625*638*Code# = Empowers Organize bolt

#7465625*638*Code# = Debilitates Organize bolt

*7465625*782*Code# = Empowers Subset bolt

#7465625*782*Code# = Cripples Subset bolt

*7465625*77*Code# = Empowers SP bolt

#7465625*77*Code# = Incapacitates SP bolt

*7465625*27*Code# = Empowers CP bolt

#7465625*27*Code# = Incapacitates CP bolt

*7465625*746*Code# = Empowers SIM bolt

#7465625*746*Code# = Handicaps SIM bolt

*7465625*228# = Activa bolt ON

#7465625*228# = Activa bolt OFF

*7465625*28638# = Auto Arrange bolt ON

#7465625*28638# = Auto Arrange bolt OFF

*7465625*28782# = Auto subset bolt ON

#7465625*28782# = Auto subset bolt OFF

*7465625*2877# = Auto SP bolt ON

#7465625*2877# = Auto SP bolt OFF

*7465625*2827# = Auto CP bolt ON

#7465625*2827# = Auto CP bolt OFF

*7465625*28746# = Auto SIM bolt ON

#7465625*28746# = Auto SIM bolt OFF

Sort *#9998*627837793# Go to the 'my parameters' and there you will discover new menu where you can open phone.(not tried for samsung C100)

To open a Samsung destroy the telephone take the sim card and sort the accompanying code *#pw+15853649247w# .

Java status code: #*53696# (Samsung X600)

*#06# IMEI code

*#9998*4357# Help Menu

*#9998*5282# Java menu (GRPS/CSD settings for JAVA server)

*#9999#0# Screen Mode

*#9999# or *#9998*9999# Programming Form

*#8888# or *#9998*8888# Equipment Form

*#9998*746# or *#9998*0746# or *#0746# Sim Data sets

*#9998*523# or *#9998*0523# or *#0523# Show Differentiate

*#9998*842# or *#9998*0842# or *#0842# Vibration On (until you push alright)

*#9998*289# or *#9998*0289# or *#0289# Signal On (until you push alright)

*#9998*288# or *#9998*0288# or *#0288# Battery and Field Data sets

*#9998*377# or *#9998*0377# Mistake log

*#9998*778# or *#9998*0778# or *#0778# Sim Benefit table

*#9998*782# indicate date and wake up timer

*#8999*638# indicate arrange data

*#9998*5646# change administrator logo at startup

*#9998*76# creation number

*#9998*968# see tune for alert

*#9998*585# Non-Unstable Memory (NVM)

*#3243948# Computerized Sound Impedance Off

*#32436837# Computerized Sound Impedance On

Put your other sim in and it will say sim bolt, sort in 00000000 then it ought to be opened. Sort in *0141# then the green call batton and it's opened to all systems. This code may not chip away at the more established telephones and a portion of the more up to date telephones. In the event that it doesn't work you will need to reset your telephone without a sim in it by writing *#2767*2878# or *#9998*3855# (not tried).

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Note: Any code you entered and you don'y understand just queitly press red botton on remove batter if possible to avoid crashing your phone.


How to remove password of Vinovo HTC clone

Vinovo HTC Clone password

Many smartphone are there in the market where you have a freedom to choose which one you want. But buying is one thing and repairing is another thing. Many china clone phones come with different name and sizes. If don't be careful you will but a complete cloned china phone in the name of original. This particular phone in question look exactly like HTC.

The only that differentiate with HTC is that it has two sim card slot and makes unwanted noise when power on. Again looking at the picture it has a removable battery with Vinovo written inside the label. The battery also looks different from HTC battery. But looking at the front there is no different with HTC mini. That is just for that so check well before you buy if you are interested in buying original.

The implication of buying this kind of phone is that you may not see the parts in the market. And is not every technician that can help you fix this kind of phone if there is a problem.

Let me show you how to remove or read Vinovo HTC clone password.

Step 1

Open the phone and check the chip or processor is RDA

Step 2

Connect RJ45 cable to the text point if don't know how check my article on text point

Step 3

Read flash with with Miracle box in case something goes wrong

Step 4

Read the code and use it to unlock the phone.


Remeber that reset or hard reset of any phone will take it to factory default. Don't expect to see anything installed in the Vinovo HTC china clone to remain. This includes your contacts and messages, If anything go wrong reflash the phone. If you want the file inform me here.

You can request for the file or any other china flashfile


How to remove Nokia China 105, 107, 108 password

Nokia china 107

let me show you how to remove or unlock china Nokia 105, Nokia 107 and Nokia 106 cloned and china type password. Most often is confusing on which one is the original and which is fake. but by booting or powering on the Nokia 105 you will notice the different. When you remove the batterry of the Nokia 105 china clone you will see another sticker.

Step 1

Connect the phone with RJ45 cable

You can read here if don't know how to do it (here)

Step 2

Read the Info

Step 3

ReadFlash ie back up the file in case dead after flash

Step 4

Click Format, Don't shake it why formatting


Hardware problems: the solution Zamdtek posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how. Use this guide at your own risk. Zamdtek shall not have any liability or responsibility for whatever happens to you and your device by using the instructions in this guide.

Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more.
Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it.

Zamdtek is not associated with wireless organizations like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia,, Lg, Motorola and some other and so forth Makers/Merchants. All trademarks are the property of the particular trademark owners. Zamdtek simply give outlines to ponder and repairing reason.

The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.


How to Flash Unlock Tecno T526, T340, etc no USB port

It is not easy to flash or unlock Tecno T340 because most of them have bad USB port.

Note: before flashing, format and unlock any china phone backup 1st.

China phones no matter the name comes with different chip,

is the chip that matters not the name when it comes to flashing.

the most popular chips are:



   CoolSand or RDA



You will like BLU android Hard Reset

before flashing with any flashing box you must know the chip.

let me show you how to read info, read flash, read password and format this typical mtk without charging port.

step 1

connect the phone with RJ45 since the usb is bad.

Step 2

connect to flashing box.

Tecno T526 unlock code

Step 3

Read info and read flash with the box.

Step 4

Read the code or format if you want.

you can enter the code manually or format.

Please this information is for educational purposes and nothing else!

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Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be deleted and you need to include them once more.

Stock Firmware we attempt to give the best and most recent glimmer records and firmware, Yet we don’t ensure the exactness or similarity of any of the documents. So utilize them at your own hazard!.

Hardware problems:  the solution we posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how.


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