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Miracle Box and flashing

Get everything you need to know about Miracle Box and usage.

Just like Volcano Box, Miracle box is a device that can be used for china phone read, repair, write imei and upgrade. This kind of phone flash device is so powerful that it can read file, write the file and unlock both password and network.

The set of phone it can work for ranges from china MTK, SPD phones to Samsung reset, Blackberry unlock Nokia read, write and format. It also read, write and unlock LG, Huawei and all most all android wipe data and rest.
How to use Miracle Box

Steps Follow the arrows carefully and know every operation details of Miracle Box usage. The same thing goes with crack, in crack there is no box so only USB cable is used for all opoeration.

miracle box and uses

You can watch video here China phone flashing video

Buy a Miracle box.

Create an email account.

Download old Miracle box software.

Download the Miracle box driver separately

Run the Miracle box setup.

Register the miracle box with the dealer you bought from.

Click on the Connect box button as in image above.

Select the kind of job you want to do according to the diagram above.

Before you do anything with the Miracle box always backup the phone flash file in case something goes wrong.

Save the file where you can remember for further use.

There are 3 different ways to connect a phone to Miracle box
Through the use of Jaf RJ45 cable

The use of Miracle Box follow cables which comes along the flashing box.

Through the use of USB cable. Here you need to download SPD drivers, MTK drivers, Coolsand drivers and so on.

The advantage of this Miracle box is that unlike other China phones flashing box, you have confident working with it. Once you backup the china phone flash file. If you phone is dead at the end of the operation just go back to the folder where you save the flash file and write the file back to the phone.

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How to remove LG GX200 password

How to remove LG GX200 password

Many a time we failed to remember a password we used to a particular phone or device may be because of time or other issue we face. Let me show you the easier way to unlock or remove LG GX200 password or enter code.

      LG GX200 password

Do you have this kind of old phone with lock password, why not follow the instruction on how to get it fixed.

Step on how to remove LG code

  1. Use RJ45 cable and connect the lG GX200 as shown in the picture below.

    LG GX200 password

2. Connect the RJ45 as indicted in the diagram below.

     LG GX200 password

3. Then connect to any china phone box, GPG Dragon, Volcano box or Miracle box.

    LG GX200 password

4. Read the LG GX200 info first.

           LG GX200 password

5. Then after the Read info you backup the LG GX200 flash file incase anything go wrong.

     LG GX200 password

6. You either the the code and insert the code manually or you format to phone to reset the LG GX200 to factory setting.

Note: You have to be careful because any ohone being handle with china flashing box can fail to power on. So backing up of the flash file of LG GX200 is very important so that the LG GX200 can be restored if it fails to power on after reset.


Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it.


How to Flash Unlock Tecno T526, T340, etc no USB port

It is not easy to flash or unlock Tecno T340 because most of them have bad USB port.

Note: before flashing, format and unlock any china phone backup 1st.

China phones no matter the name comes with different chip,

is the chip that matters not the name when it comes to flashing.

the most popular chips are:



   CoolSand or RDA



You will like BLU android Hard Reset

before flashing with any flashing box you must know the chip.

let me show you how to read info, read flash, read password and format this typical mtk without charging port.

step 1

connect the phone with RJ45 since the usb is bad.

Step 2

connect to flashing box.

Tecno T526 unlock code

Step 3

Read info and read flash with the box.

Step 4

Read the code or format if you want.

you can enter the code manually or format.

Please this information is for educational purposes and nothing else!

Zamdtek is not associated with wireless organizations like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Lg,  Motorola and some other and so forth Makers/Merchants . All trademarks are the property of the particular trademark owners. We simply give outlines to ponder and repairing reason.

Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be deleted and you need to include them once more.

Stock Firmware we attempt to give the best and most recent glimmer records and firmware, Yet we don’t ensure the exactness or similarity of any of the documents. So utilize them at your own hazard!.

Hardware problems:  the solution we posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how.



How to connect china phone to Computer with china phone test point

How to flash smaller china Phones without USB charging port through test point with RJ45 cable.

This may sound strange but that is why we are exceptional and different from others. This is because we combine electronics Knowledge with GSM technology to bring you the best of phone practical repair. This particular solution here is never be heard or done.

Flash a phone without USN charging port working hmm. Just follow the steps bellow.

Step 1 the test point located front and back

China phone test point

Over the years of experience i have discovered that it is

easy to use RJ45 cable to connect china phone to pc

instead of through charging points.

This I called *china phone test point*

just get old UFS or JAF cable cut this way and connect

Step 2 the test point located under the lcd or screen

Step 3 the test point located across the front panel

step 4 the test point located under the battery

and connect here

so whether there is charging port or not you can now flash you china phone,

Use box like GPG Dragon, Avarta, Miracle box, Volcano box etc

Check china Phones power solution

How to make RJ45 for china phone test point

  • Look or buy old JAF Box FBus cable.

  • Gently remove the head of the Jaf Box FBus cable.

  • Open the eight connecting wires..

  • Cut off all the cables expect light-yellow, Green and red.

  • Light-yellow is connected to Tx.

  • Green is connected to GND

  • Red is connected to Rx.


Hardware problems  Zamdtek posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how. Use this guide at your own risk.

The instructions provided in this tutorial for educational purpose only. There is no guarantee that these steps will work for your device.

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