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Nokia Lumia 535 RM-1090 vibrates but doesn't on solution

Nokia Lumia 535 RM-1090 vibrates but doesn't on. Doesn't display keeps on vibrating

Just change the battery. It that does not work then follow instructions down.

Nokia Lumia 535 RM-1090 vibrates but doesn't on solution
Lumia only vibrates solution

Smartphones develop funny problems most of times. Take for instance when you power your Nokia Lumia phone only to see Network bar, battery icon  and Menu sign but nothing display on screen. Have you faced this problem or are you facing it now. Donot panic because your Lumia smart phone is still good and sound. We are always here to help you fix such problem.

How to fix Nokia Lumia XL Bricked

Step 1. Charge your  bricked Nokia Lumia phone battery for about 80%.

Step 2. Power off your phone and allow it to stay for sometimes.


How to fix Nokia Lumia hanging blue face with smiley

How to fix Nokia Lumia hanging blue face with smiley like Lumia 530 rm-1017

We have dealt with many problems Nokia Lumia are having, ranging from mic problem of Nokia Lumia, Nokia Lumia Hard reset to change of language in Nokia Lumia.

Today we will be giving you another solution to a common problem of Nokia Lumia. Have you ever power your Nokia Lumia only to be greeted with a sad blue face, which is weird. Some people will doubt the possibility of this.

How to fix Nokia Lumia hanging blue face with smiley

How to fix Nokia Lumia hanging blue face with smiley

As far as a phone is concerned nothing is impossible like battery too hot or too low. So when you see your Nokia Lumia with blue lcd or screen and sad smiley sign don’t panic just follow this instructions below.

You can watch the video here Nokia Lumia blue screen solution 

We use Nokia Lumia 530 rm-1017 to show example. This problem is common to other Nokia Lumia smart phones.

  1. Charge phone battery to 80%.

  2. Remove the battery from the Nokia Lumia 530 smart phone for some seconds.

  3. Insert the battery back gently not if you insert the battery quickly the phone will power itself automatically.

  4. Press power button and Volume down button at same time.

  5. When exclamation mark appears release both buttons.

  6. Press these buttons in sequence order

                       Press volume up

                       Press volume down

                       Press power power

                      And press volume down

Once two gears signs appear allow the phone to perform automatic hard reset. After the hard reset your phone will be back and working again.

Nokia Lumia smiley solution

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How to change Lumia Window 7 & 8 language

How to change Windows Smart phone language

Sometimes you can be playing with your to an extent that you enter where you cannot return back. For instance when you mistaken change your Windows Lumia smartphone from English to China language. A big problem because you need a Chinese interpreter to return it back!

Don't bother much somebody ask this question and below comes the answer to his question. But if understand the two Languages no problems.

Step 1 enter your smart phone Menu

Step 2 swipe to right

Step 3 go to setting gear sign

Lumia winindow 8 language

Step 4 select the setting gear and count from 1 to 4 down since is on Chinese language. Then choose the language.

Lumia winindow 8 language

Step 5 Choose your choice Language. Press ok and wait for the Samrt windows phone to Restart.

Lumia winindow 8 language

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Nokia Lumia 610 RM-835 Hard reset

Today we are going to show you on a general way to Hard reset any Nokia Lumia. Taking Lumia 610 RM-835 as a case study.

Nokia Lumia Hard reset

As we all know that most Nokia Lumia is out-dated and in order to keep it alive, we have to find every other means to make it work.

This particular smartphone just like every other android smartphone requires button combinations to get to the reset mode.

Some require Volume down, Volume up, Power and Volume down buttons. Others require Volume down, Camera and Power buttons before you can perform reset. This didn't stop here because if you want to be a technician be ready to face any phone.

When you see a nokia Lumia 610 with camera button faulty and passworded, what will you do? You are the last hope here!

Just follow this easy steps

  1. Check the correct model number of the Lumia phone.

  2. Check the correct type of the Nokia Lumia phone.

  3. Check the correct code number of the phone.

  4. Use the code number and go either mrcrab or Nokia firmware

  5. Download only the User_generic file.

  6. Get your ATF box or Infinity best ready.

  7. Select the user file in UDA as shown in picture below

Nokia Lumia Hard reset

Ensure that you downloaded the driver.

Run the driver

loader your user file and click start.

It will not last more than 10 seconds depending on you pc and condition of sanity.

Zamdtek won't be held responsible if anything goes wrong at your end. This particular process has been tested and is working 100%. But remember any phone plugged in computer is 50-50 chance. So always be careful not to be a victim of circumstances. Ensure that the battery of any phone you want to flash is charged up till 80%.

We will expecting to hear from you.


Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

How to Reset Lumia 730 RM-1040.

Introduction of Nokia Lumia gave berth to other Nokia smart phones like android. As we all know Nokia device is always unique and complex in handling. The way you can hard reset Nokia Lumia 730 rm-1040 and other Lumia is different from other phone manufacturers.

Step 1: Hard Reset
Turn of the phone Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040

Press and hold Volume down and Power buttons

Release power button as the phone vibrates

When you see question mark leave Volume down

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

Press in this order:

Volume Up

Volume Down

Power button

Volume Down

The Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 will boot for awhile and turn to two rolling gears. As seen in the picture below.

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

This will stay for a long time as you wait.

After that follow the on screen instructions. Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 will go through many applications installations before coming full alive.

Step 2: Soft Reset

Turn off Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040

Turn on Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040

Go to the menu and swipe it

Go to settings

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

Choose about the phone this may not be as you see it in the picture but a little bit different.

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

Choose reset phone. Ensure you backup before this action to avoid loosing important documents.

Nokia Lumia 730 RM-1040 Hard Reset

Check Nokia Lumia 520 insert simcard solution

Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it. This is for educational purposes.

You are done if you followed the instruction above carefully with you common sense.

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