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HP Notebook (laptop) bios password reset tested 100% working

This is for personal use and not for any mischievous way. After surfing the internet and nosing around on How to reset my HP Notebook (Laptop) BIOS password I came come across this easy and straight forward way. Though the solution is complex but when you follow these instruction the it will be as easy as abcd...

HP Notebook (laptop) bios password reset tested 100% working

I know that some people will be scared what is the disadvantage of the method, Well if you get all the method right the only thing is that the Flash drive or memory card you used during the operation must be reformatted after use. You HP Laptop is safe and will continue to work normally.

 I used my HP Notebook for test and it works 100%. When I wanted to enable visualization in bios setup. Lets go down to the business. 

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How to reset or bypass any HP Notebook (Laptop) BIOS password.

This method doesn't involve loosing or looking for CMOS battery.

Step 1 Get a memory card with card reader of at least 1GB or get 1GB Flash Drive.

Step 2. Download BIOS Password reset file here.

Step 4 After download the file, save it and extract the file with any window extractor.

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Step 5. Connect your MMC or Flash drive to the computer you used in download file and format it.

Step 6. Open the file you download in Step 2 and locate the application according to picture below.

Step 7 Open USB Image Tool and the image below will appear. Click on Mass Storage ...(left side).

Click on Restore and it will take you to another window to and ISO image. See image below

Step 8. Click and open HPR-WIN32 and click ok to write the Image ISO on your drive. As indicated on below picture.

After writing the image safely remove the USB from computer.

Step 9. Power the HP Notebook with bios password (on -Board password) locked and boot it to Boot Option. From there you select USB as one of boot sequences.
Note: You may remove the HP Hard Disk (Optional)

Boot to USB and run the following commands.

Type DOS and press enter

Type 1 and press enter for 1st run

Look at the list of supprted HP Notebooks and type your corresponding number. Eg HP EliteBook 8440p is number 20.

Then type 20 if HP 8440p

If your model number is not listed then type 5 for Shortgun.
SHOTGUN will try and run all the models.

Restart the PC and perform the Step 9 operation again. This time you will see ...Done

Alas you have just reset HP computer BIOS password without opening the laptop.

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How to download HP Slate OS or ROM

How to download HP Slate 10, 8, 6 ROMs

Today we are going to show you how to download HP Slate 10, 8, 6 stock ROM but before we start you have to read this and understand. We having a device like  HP Slate tab but the primary maintenace is another. Most often you will be thinking why people do think of buying gadgets without knowing the basics of maintenace culture.

HP Slate 10 series is not like other smart phone tabs in the sense that the stock rom is not common. But we have to go deep to discover the way to download this particular stock for HP tab slate.

Step 1

Go to HP site and enter your P/N as indicated in picture below

How to download HP Slate OS

Step 2

Choose software and drivers
How to download HP Slate OS

Step 3

Choose change as in the diagram below

How to download HP Slate OS

Step 4

Select Operating system and select Version.
How to download HP Slate OS

Step 5

Select Google Android and Jelly Bean.
How to download HP Slate OS

Step 6

Click Change.
How to download HP Slate OS

Step 7

Click on + sign
How to download HP Slate OS

Step 8

Choose the ROM according to your HP Slate series and download

How to download HP Slate OS

Then download the file, save the stock rom in a folder where you can remeber.

Now you have downloaded the HP Slate 10 or 8 or 6 stock rom or firmware. What remains is to prepare your HP Slate for upgrading the stock rom.

Charge HP Slate 10 or 8 or 6 to 80-90%.

Prepare around 8GB memory card by formating the card.

Rename the downloaded HP Slate stock ro to

Copy the renamed file to memory card root

Insert the memory card to HP Slate 10 memory slot.

Boot the HP to fastboot mode and select

Wait till flashing finished.

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Flashing a wrong stock rom to HP Slate 10 8 or 6 may brick your phone. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your HP Slate tab. We so much believe that you understand every step stated here before any work.

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