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How to stop android from draining battery faster.

How to stop android from draining battery

One phone user said my android is sucking battery faster. Is your Android phone battery not lasting the way it used to or as you expect.

You are not happy the way you miss important calls and chatts messages just because your Android phone rundown battery faster.

You have changed and bought many battery but the problem remains?

Your solution is right here at Over the time we have written battery life, the choice of Android phones, how to fix android power solution and most importantly where to buy your Android phones.

What is battery according to Wikipedia An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights.

What is rating of battery. In a country where standard organisation work, the rating of a device must be tested to ensure it complies with actual write up. But if a country doesn't pay attention on the kind of device they use. The so called rating like 500mAH is just a sticker. So this is the problem is that you can't trust the ratings.


Motorola droid Xt1080m power problem

Motorola droid Xt1080m power problem.

How to fix Motorola ultra max power problem
In one of our articles, we have indicated the advantages and disadvantages of in-built battery android smart phone.
Here comes another type of its kind. The common problem these set of smart android phones use to have is battery problem. In most countries where power outage is common like Nigeria, charging this type of phone uniformly becomes a big issue.

Read a battery that last 400 years

Motorola XR912 Hard Reset

How to repair to Motorola DROID MAX not power.

Step 1
Try and charge the Motorola droid max for some times. Whether is charging or not just leave it on the socket for like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Step 2
If step one does fix it is time to work. Get these tools ready:
a. Star screwdriver
b. Picker
c. Tape and blade
d. Multimeter
e. Adaptor/boaster
f. Connecting wire

Step 3
Loose the phone completely, remove the battery terminal flex.

Step 4
Carefully use connecting wire and connect the battery positive and negative terminals according to picture below.

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Step 5
Connect the two terminals of the battery to the adapter or voltage boaster +ve and –ve respectively. Allow it for 2 to 3 hours.

Step 6
Use digital multimeter to check if the battery voltage is up to 4.20v. if yes then plug your battery to the ultra driod max board and power the phone.

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Motorola droid xt1080m power solution

Note: You have to take precautions as remove and clip Motorola XT1080m battery flex to avoid damaging the flex. You may damage the battery in the process.

Alas the phone is back and working.


lenovo tab A5000 power solution

The emergence of all android has shown us that we have to go extra mile to find solution to all different types of android. 

Produced from dfferent companies. On this particular post we going to show show you the solution for Lenove A5000 power solution.

lenovo tab A5000 power solution

Most of inbuilt battery smarthphones have this particular problem of battery drained if left un-charged. If you pick up you Lenovo A5000 galaxy tab one day and it refuse to power on. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Find screw driver.

  2. Gently unscrew the Lenovo A5000.

  3. Look for the battery connector according to the picture.

  4. Make use of your common sense.

  5. Find blade or sharp object.

  6. Scrap the battery terminal.

  7. Tap coonecting wires to the battery terminal.

  8. Coonect the wires to external charger.

  9. leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes.

  10. Check the battery voltage.
lenovo tab A5000 power solution

Ensure the connect neagtive battery terminal to battery negative

and positive battery terminla to battery positve.

lenovo tab A5000 power solution

If you follow the instruction above carefully, then your Lenovo A5000 smarthphone tab should be back to live. Remeber not to connect the battery terminal wrongly.


We expect you to ask us question on any solution that is not clear to you before you carry out the work. We always answer any question any moment. Just use our comments section to ask. Please Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it. This is for educational purposes.

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10 tips on how to save Android battery

how to save android battery

These are many ways which we believe we make your android phone battery last longer.

1. Turn down the brilliance and kill Programmed Splendor.

It's most likely evident now, yet you'll be amazed by how much this only one enhances battery life.

2. Overhaul your applications.

Check battery that can stay 400 years

Applications frequently get overhauled to utilize less battery control, so you ought to ensure your applications are avant-garde. Regardless of the possibility that you arranged the telephone for programmed redesigns, some applications still require that you physically introduce upgrades. Check for application upgrades in Google Play by hitting the menu key and setting off to My Applications.

3. Watch out for flag quality.

In case you're in a territory with poor cell scope, the telephone will work harder to hook onto a sufficiently solid flag. This adversy affects battery life. There's not much you can do about this one, but rather remember this could be the guilty party behind an apparently frail battery; it merits popping the telephone into Off-line mode on the off chance that you needn't bother with information or voice calls.

4. Check the battery timing.

We direct battery life tests on each and every Android telephone we survey. Obviously, the outcomes shift generally between handsets, even on similar system. While picking a telephone, ensure that true talk time is adequate. You can't pass by what the producer says; we see changes on the request of a few hours of use in both headings all the time.

5. See what's sucking the most squeeze.

Explore to Settings > Battery to see a sorted out breakdown of what's expending your telephone's battery. Applications and elements will show in a diving rundown of battery pigs. On the off chance that you see an application you scarcely utilize or a component you never utilize, you'll need to uninstall the application or kill the element.

6. Reduce email, Twitter, and Facebook surveying.

Set your different informing applications to "manual" for the surveying or invigorate recurrence, pretty much as a test, and you'll in a flash amplify your gadget's battery life by a noteworthy sum. When you see what a distinction that makes, attempt re-empowering only the most critical ones, and potentially diminishing their surveying recurrence all the while.

7. Turn pointless equipment radios off.

It's awesome that today's telephones have LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, yet do you truly require each of the five initiated 24 hours for every day? Android keeps area based applications occupant out of sight, and the consistent deplete on your battery will get to be observable, quick. In the event that your telephone has a power control gadget, you can utilize it to rapidly turn on/off GPS (the biggest power deplete), NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE. On stock Android, swipe down to raise the Notice bar, and after that tap the symbol on the upper right corner.

8. Utilize the additional power sparing mode on the off chance that you have it.

Android battery temperature

The previously mentioned Cosmic system S5 and HTC One (M8) both have Ultra Power Sparing and Outrageous Power Sparing modes, separately, that restricts the telephone to messaging, telephone calls, Web perusing, and Facebook. This can crush additional hours or even a day of standby time out of only a couple remaining rate purposes of battery.

9. Trim applications running out of sight.

From Settings > Applications, swipe to one side; you'll see a rundown of applications that are right now running. Tap on every one to see what they're for; you can stop any applications that you needn't bother with running out of sight constantly.
10. Dump pointless home screen gadgets and live backdrop.

Because they're perched on the home screen, apparently latent, doesn't mean they're not devouring force. This goes for gadgets that survey announcements out of sight, and in addition ones that simply stay there yet look pretty and energized—also enlivened live backdrop. (In any case, don't dump everything, as a feature of what makes Android incredible are the home screen customizations; simply evacuate the ones you don't utilize.


Battery that last 400 years discovered

400 years battery

Specialists have coincidentally made batteries that could last 400 years


With regards to the lab, mischances aren't normally something worth being thankful for, however a surprising result has driven scientists to a framework that could make batteries last up to 400 times longer than the best-performing batteries today.

While the new battery would in any case should be energized, the enormous distinction is it would continue working effectively more than 200,000 charge cycles - which is practically a lifetime of utilization with regards to gadgets, for example, telephones, PCs, autos, and even rocket. Furthermore, it's a ton longer than the lifespan of today's lithium batteries.

 Battery 400 years

The mishap part is that the analysts still aren't sure precisely how the framework functions.

"We began to cycle the gadgets, and afterward understood that they weren't going to die," lead scientist Reginald Penner from the College of California, Irvine, told Mainstream Science. "We don't comprehend the system of that yet."

Rather than lithium, the new batteries store power in gold nanowires. The first point of the trial was essentially to make a strong state battery that utilized an electrolyte gel instead of a fluid to hold its charge - lithium batteries contain fluid, which makes them amazingly ignitable furthermore delicate to temperature.

In any case, when they began trying different things with gold nanowires suspended in this electrolyte gel, they found that the framework was unbelievably versatile. Actually, it was way, way stronger than whatever other battery framework.

The gold nanowires are a great many times more slender than a human hair, and the group isn't the first to utilize them to store power along their length. Be that as it may, before, these frameworks had been fragile and inclined to breaking.

The expansion of the electrolyte gel by PhD applicant Mya Le Thai appears to have had all the effect, and covering the nanowires in manganese oxide.

"Mya was playing around, and she covered the subject of with a thin gel layer and began to cycle it," said Penner. "She found that just by utilizing this gel, she could cycle it countless times without losing any limit."

"That was insane," he included, "in light of the fact that these things regularly bite the dust in sensational form after 5,000 or 6,000 or 7,000 cycles at most."

With ordinary batteries, the more you charge and energize them, the less proficient they get to be. After a couple of hundred charge cycles, they for the most part just contain a little measure of charge - as any individual who has a portable PC or telephone more seasoned than a couple of years will be very much aware of.

However, testing demonstrated that the new framework could withstand 200,000 charge cycles more than three months and just lose 5 percent of its ability.

The group focuses on that the framework they've constructed isn't a battery just yet, so to be clear, there's no certification that this effectiveness will be kept up when scaled up into a gadget you could use in your telephones or tablets - or that it'll work by any means.

The other terrible news is that any batteries utilizing gold will be costly regardless of how modest the gold nanowires are, so the group is presently exploring different avenues regarding nickel rather, to check whether they can accomplish comparative results.

Gracious and there's likewise the little matter of making sense of precisely why the framework works so well. When they realize that, it'll help the group change the battery framework to make it more reasonable and moderate for true applications.

Who knows, they may even have the capacity to make it last significantly more. Despite the fact that on the off chance that you ask us, a lifetime is all that anyone could need, bless your heart.

Source: sciencealert


Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom Battery Connector problem

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom Battery Connector Terminal Jumper Ways

Samsung Universe S4 zoom Battery Connector Terminal Jumper Ways


In the event that Samsung World S4 zoom is not getting power ON, Supplant the battery and attempt to power it ON. Connect to charging pin into jack and attempt to make it charge. Check hitter terminal's +v and - V focuses with gadgets meter.

Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom Battery Connector


Disconnect the telephone Samsung Cosmic system S4 zoom and check battery connectors if these are lose or not settle. At that point check the entire mother board for water and rust harms, Carbon or broken parts.

On the off chance that locate some rust or carbon make it clean with hardware cleaner and apply hot air with warmth firearm to make it dry.

Discover these parts that are distinguished in above chart and make check for volts. On the off chance that locate some broken parts or tracks are missing then apply jumpers as given in above graphs.

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