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The best application to have in every android smart phone

The best application to have in every android smart phone

Android phone are the best phone to enjoy if you have the right applications installed on the phone. Android phones are like empty and skeletal vehicle with only engine and wheel. Is only when you pimp a car it turns to ride.

c and power it, you must install OS( Operating System) and other applications to enable the PC work.

As android phones are like car and computer, when you buy new one ‎is only OS and few system applications you see inside the phone. So you must download or transfer other applications.

Those necessary applications (app apk) includes

1. True caller- although some android phones come with this app as default system app. It is important because with this app you can use to detect hidden caller phone numbers.

2. Social Media apps - the world is now a global village ad in order to follow the moving trends, a social media apps is a must. This social media includes; - WhatsApp, Facebook, wechat, Telegram, emails networks.

3. Google map- this app may sound strange to you but it suppose to be number one. The Google map acts as a guidance and escorts when you are going to unknown area. The application is self explanatory. Having the app is not just option but right choice.

4. Tracker application - this particular apps is essential to trace and track a lost items including person, phones and others. There is a set back with this particular app because it doesn't work in many countries.

5. File Transfer app- this is another important app because users are always in habit of give me this give me that. The major setback with this app is that as you collect and give files you also circulate virus. The transfer or sharing app includes Bluetooth. Flashshare, X ender etc

6. Android Games - there are thousands and millions of games to download. The setback with these games is that some of them occupy much storage spaces. Ranging from about 10MB to 10GB space for just one game.


How to write nonsense article or posts and still rank high in Google Search engine

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google Search engine.

How to write Garbage article that rank high or occupy first place in Google

When I started blogging, I spent much time reading articles regularly SEO yoast I decorate my useful time and energy first to study more about SEO, the secret behind google first page rank and so on. If you are blogger the word TRAFFIC always rings in your mind.

Are you addicted online, reading articles being written by bloggers or being copied from bloggers. I hate reading copy and paste post of exact from different blogs. Have you heard about seo this and seo that. What do you hate about articles you read online? I have wasted my time reading an article about 3,000 words only ended up without picking any meaningful word from the article. Sometimes SEO got us confuse by saying that you have to write everything in one post in other to end up showing in google is a fact lie. You do not need 20,000 words of a post.

I once stumble on how to make $10,000 daily on facebook. I didn't read the article because of the attractive head line or title. I didn't read this article to learn how to make the said cash but to see the style of the writers message.

The title of this said post is like some book cover, well decorated but little meaning inside the book. When you said how to make $10,000 daily on facebook, the reader will be expecting steps and how to make the said money.

A reader will be expecting you to show steps on how you achieve the said goal. But guess what throughput 2,000 words of writing, this dude was jumping from one idea and the other that has no relationship with the caption of the article. When I finally became confused was when I saw how to sell herbal medicine on the article.

I wrote a brief article in other to appear on front page I wrote an article (a solution to something) that was only <300 that ranked first on Google for more than two years now.

You may be wondering and surprise to hear this but this is true. Am sounding like those marketers, freelancers, Africa Politicians always promising you fat and fat profit. They never wanted you to know the other side of failure. As a blogger I learnt that without advert you won't make a dime. That you prepared to failed if you are not going to advertise or pay any money for advert. But this is not true because I didn't advertise until I recent my first adsence threshold money.

Most of the people that write on how you can enhance your post or design your blog have one thing in common. Go through their articles is either they want you to subscribe by force, buy/order for ebook and you pay for one packaged or another.

You can hear them say leave AdSense there are other ways to make money online buy this e book!! This is how they make their money by selling or writing for the lazy ones. They are like opera company that will approve your blog to be shown by their news feed. They will never show your post unless your among the team copycant, edit, twist, news and paste.

So how can you nonsense over 3000 words article can rank high in google search engine?

After spending weeks of research online, I got the following answers

1. The post most be 1000 words or above -- lie

2. The post must be promoted or advertised--- lie

3. You have to organize your article to confirm with SEO standard---lie

4. You have to build your e-mail list ---lie

5. You may have a top domain ---lie

6. Your article must be 3 days old ---lie

7. Your blog structure will be sync with google account----- another lie

Looking up at points above, is just like somebody writing on how to get google AdSense approve on a blog with out getting his own approval. Most of where I find this type of articles and post is on second or third page of google. I read for reading sake and keeping my self busy with brain development. I read their articles to find fault and see their method of writing. I don't believe their ideals just as I said earlier I have one particular post that have been on google frnt page since 3 years I have other posts that are around 200 to 300 words but refuse to leave google first page. What am writing here is not promotion campaigns of my website or post but to open your eyes on what you should believe on the ingredients needed for your post or article s to rank on google first page.

I do some research before posting an article. I got some critics when I posted the secrets behind Nigeria network data bonus so smart guys did research and agreed with me. I know that many will also critics this article but the most plain thing in life is nothing but truth. The worst will still come as am going to publish the secret behind whose website blog is being featured in opera newsfeed data base?
If you are interested in learning the truth about technology manipulation this is the right website. I like the article marketers, I like those that help you understand the ways you should organise your blog post.

Whait a minute they donot have ads on their website, are they running charity organization, how do they make some change? The worst guys are those traffic seekers that only tell you how to make millions online. If they know they know that why are they writing posts and wasting their time.

At this time I hope the article is still interesting that is how marketers convince you on buying their products. The google is already saturated with articles and posts.  So your niche is the key that can catapult your post to google first page! Am not discouraging you from writing 10,000 words of a post but how relevant are the words? Read about 3,000 words of a post and the meaning is only on two sentences of about 9 words, so why did this writer wasted about 10 plain answer sheets? Why are you wasting words on one post whereby other article s are untouched and untaped.

In order for me not to waste words on this particular Post am leaving you with this little words to be continued in part 2.

Thanks for reading,

Comment if you can or critics??!!!



The Secret behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

The Secret  behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

Of recent in Nigeria it has been bonus this bonus that of data plan with almost all network providers. It seems like a competition between them.

Your phone keeps ringing with message alert. You will receive this kind of message

Free data get double data when you buy 1 GB for #1000...

Get #1500 worth of data and #500 to call all network with #100

 Get 1 GB for #200 and soon.

If you are using different network, your battery will run down quick because of free this and free that. messages.
Check how to save data in your android phones
How you ever wondered how can this be? Who is dashing this network providers money to slash and splash promo on their users. Which day Nigerian government subsidize data package price?

Could this be because of Google company that launched free WiFi in some parts of Lagos? Which day that all these network provides turned to father Christmas? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Take your mind back that at about 4 years ago Glo came up with‎ Glo data unlimited plan. Which they claimed that they recorded about 4 million new users with the data within 4 months. Till this moment that trick Glo used is still working as some people are stll browsing with Glo network. We did a research and discovered the reason behind the Glo so called unlimited data plan....
After reading this you will stop browsing with Glo network. 
Airtel came up with 1GB for #200 though they specify the terms and conditions (2G network only). It was a welcome development for those that use low end phones. Those using android phones may not be part of this plan unless is old android phones. The users complained that despite the fact that is 2G the speed is as slow as snail movement.

How to configure Airtel network for internet
Etisalat followed suit by giving out free data and airtime bonus. Load this to get that and load that to get this!. Etisalat continued bonus upon bonus without proper management. Hope you remember what happened to Etisalat at the end? Etisalat accumulated debt and sold.

9mobile bought Etisalat and it has started another promo we hope that the new management have lean their lesson to avoid selling it like Airtel for the 3rd time.

MTN, when it comes to network strength across Nigeria mtn scores high both in browsing strength. You pay through your nose to get the service.

On 4th August someone received a message from MTN " FREE DATA! Get double data when you buy 1GB for #1000 and dial *131*106# to get 2GB data + 500MB

To more news about phones like Our facebook Page

After the person subscribed he was only given 1GB + 500MB instead. Where is the remaining 1GB....? The secret behind free data bonus.

Check the media, online, TV and radio statins all filled with shouting if free data and bonus. How legit is the so called data for free? Is there anything that is free in this world even the air we breath.. so why are all this noise about free data? This is just like white lie that says make $100 in a day online without work. How? Just connect your computer online, start looking at the screen and money will start flowing. All are fallacy!
 How to  call DSTV customer care free in any part of Africa
As a trained engineer I don't do things the way others do. I always think about the secret behind the free gift. What are the hidden charges about your promo? I went on research and discovered that the 1GB you buy now because of promo is equivalent of 500MB.

How did this result came to be? ‎ I had 900MB of data left only to download 600MB file without touching or opening any other browser page and the data exhausted. See picture below.

The Secret  behind Nigeria Network providers surplus data bonus.

The secret is that Data has been coded and boasted not the actual data. The actual data remains the same?


How to save android data and stop apps auto update

How to save android data and stop apps auto update

Before android came into existence you discover that 10MB of data can last for one month on your Java phone. In android 10MB can't last for 1 minute. So what do you think is the fault? There many apps in your android phone that updates automatically including your android OS.

It may not be every now and then you have data to run updates on your android phone. So what do you do to save some data being taken for nothing. Android is designed in such a way that only that when the OS update is available then the will notify the user. Is the choice of user to update OTA or not.

Then is you just updated your android to the latest OS of your device then you need to update the associated apps to meet the new android OS compatibility. But here reverse is the case, once you on your data or connect to WIFI/Hotspot you will see all your apps updating automatically. That is why your data can't last for long.

What is the solution? The solution is not far fetch but here.

Lets show you how to disable your android phone updates

1. Disable your android Operating System update

a) Go to Settings>>>About Device

b. Go to Software updates

c. Uncheck All auto updates

2. Disable all the application updates

a. Go to Menu and select playstore and take upper leftside

b. Go to drop down Menu and select Home

c. Tap Home and scroll down to select Setting

Check all Android Google frp reset here

e.  From Settings select Auto-updates apps

f. Check Do not auto update apps


7 ways to locates your lost or stolen phone

7 ways to locates your lost or stolen phone

Requirements  to locate your lost or stolen phone.

1. imei is a serial number that suppose to be unique in every phone. In case you don't know your phone Imei just dial *#06# and copy it down. You can also get it through about details of your phone. Copy it down because you may need it one day. When you buy a new phone and insert Simcard, the phone details is sent to your network provider together with IMEI. As the information sent is registered in the‎ network provider data Base. If you have used your phone is possible that your provider has your details. When somebody steal your phone and insert Simcard, the person information is sent alongside your imei. If you have proof then ask your provider to locate your phone.
Obstacles : You can't just walk in to your network provider and demands for this information. You must follow the due process of law. You must also have proves that the said phone belongs to you.

2. Another affective way to locate your lost phone is through Mobile Tower Base Station (BTS). Before your Simcard is connected to any network, there is what network provider calls mask(or Base bone station) close to you. If you look around depending the country where you are leaving, you will see telecommunication mask standing in strategic places. This is what they call mask or BTS. if by tracking is through BTS. Network provider will only locate your handset phone withing 3 close BTS. By use of reflected and projected angles, the provider can easily locate the position of your phone.
Obstacle: It must be with law enforcement agency that provider can give you this kind of service.

3. Google or email account
Most Android phones and Apples iPhones phones cannot finished setup configuration without including an email address.This email address use during setup serves as device locator when lost or stolen. The best thing you do in case you lost your phone is go to computer( to have a wider view) or use your phone that is connected to internet. Login to your gmail and type Find My phone in search bar. 
Obstacle: a) Ensure you activated find my phone in the device.
                b) You must have access to the email address..
                c) The google show only last place the phone was used with internet access.
                d) If the phone has been reset or frp removed.

4. The use of antivirus, some antiviruslike McAfee which still difficult to bypass in some phones like LG. This antivirus can help you locate your lost phone. All you need to do is open an account connect the account with your existing email account and activate find my phone. If your lost your phone simply visit the website and login your details.
Obstacles: If your frp has been bypassed nothing will happen. Lost of account can also make it not work.

5. Use of Android Device Manager or android Find My Phone. This is an inbuilt function of your phone that can be manually activated. 
From Settings>>Secirity>>Device Adminstrators Manager/ find My phone depends on android version. So if you activated your phone before it lost. Go to website Manager. Login your google details and track your phone.
Obstacles: Reset of your phones frp.

6. Android app. There are many android, apple and window phones applications that can help you track your lost smart phones. You have to test run the one that will work for you.
Obstacle: Flashing or hard reset of the smart phone can remove your installed app.

7. Find My Phone (for Apple devices) 
To use this you have to register with apple icloud. Go to setting and activate find my phone. When your phone lost open apple icloud website and login your details. Type find my phone. Locate where your phone was last use. BlackBerry 10 iD works the same way.
Obstacles: Major obstacle here in only hacking or icloud bypass.

We have given you the details on how to locate your lost phone. Is now left for you on the method to use. So don't panic when you lost that your new phone.


Whatsapp to start showing ads (advert) on the whatsapp app.

Whatsapp to start showing advert on the whatsapp app.

WhatsApp which introduced some secutity messures recently is a messaging app that was created by Brian Action and Jan Kuam back in 2009. The idea came to subsidize the cost effect of SMS charged by networks provider.

WhatsApp is just like other social media, have you ever wondered how to makes its money? Or how it raised found without advertisement. Unlike other social media like Facebook, Twitter, instagram there is no way you read more than two pages without seeing ads in between. But WhatsApp is different no ads.

Check how to solve Blackberry 10 Sharing failed try later.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 with whooping sum of $19 billion. If you know Facebook well your will agree either me that they are business minded that why they generate money here and there. Since Facebook has acquired WhatsApp which it feels that is rival to Facebook messenger.

Although the founder of WhatsApp are no longer in controll of WhatsApp which has up to 1.5 billion users sending about 60 millions message daily. As Blackberry 10 is struggling to keep up with whatsapp pace. Before they left they generated about $3M from the selling of app alone. In some countries before you download WhatsApp you have to pay about $1. This idea of app purchase was later stopped n made it free for all download.

People are still speculating that ‎ Facebook use personal data generated from WhatsApp for business purposes. May thus be true then there will be done security concerns about WhatsApp app. 

Facebook recently announced that they will stop the WhatsApp old fashion ways of making money through sell of whatsapp apps. This may be the reason the founder of WhatsApp left Facebook company. Facebook has said that they are carrying out so advert platform on WhatsApp. Hopefully, later the year 2018 on early 2019 WhatsApp will be running ads on background. Facebook is all about business..


How group Admin of Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check below how to can control whatsapp group as Admin

 How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Check How group Admin for Whatsapp can lock the group messages

Social media is gradually changing the way we live or behave. So people can deny themselves or two thing just to be on social Media stream. We started from 2GO, to Facebook, to Wechat, to Twitter, to Whatsapp and etc. Just as linkedin has pages and groups, facebook has pages and gruops, Twitter has groups. Whatsapp has introduced groups where people with like minds come to share issues together. 

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed pictures and videos in blackberry 10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z3.

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z30

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Z10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Q10

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Q5

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Classic

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry Passport

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed  in blackberry PRIV

How fix Whatsapp sharing failed pictures and videos  in blackberry 10
Whatsapp on BB10

Recently we posted how to retain Whatsapp on Blackberry 10 as whatsapp wants bypass those with this kind of phones. As we are in giving technology guide we followed this issues of sharing failed is you are using android whatsapp on BB10. Though android apk application can work on BB10 but without some configurations you can't send pictures and videos.

How to fix sharing failed in Blackberry 10.


Propellers ads an alternative ads to Google Adsense

Propellers ads alternative to Google Adsense.
Propellers ads an alternative ads to Google Adsense
Propeller ads

Are you a newbie or pro in blogging sphere. This is good for you. ‎Have you tried Google Adsense approval for many weeks if not years? Are you in edge of giving up blogging, have you tried other method of getting traffic. Don't quit, because is only looser that quit. I passed through many ups and downs before getting Google Adsense approved.

Let me tell you the secret of blogging or being online Pro does actually lie on you getting your blogg approved by Google Adsense. Lets look at this advert platform as a secondary aspect or blogging or owning a website. Website or blog is all about traffic


How to speed up your computer naturally

How to speed up your computer

How to fix that your slow computer or PC without software.

No matter how android phones are taking d position of computer. This is no way computers will disappear completely. Many of us more especially in IT world can't do without pc, not one but two or more. We need it so others too.

You bought a computer, you install your desire applications, download what you like. You keep installing and uninstalling application. Have you ever ask yourself here all these uninstall‎, deleted, or removed files and applications go.

In your Recycle Bin, you just click empty the trash and us empty. So where is the Trash. Let me educate you the trash doesn't disappear rather it went to occupy another sector in hardest drive HD. You have heard about prove that your HD content can be recovered. So if the trash disappeared how can this be possible?

Bring our discussion home, how slow is your computer? What do you do when you notice that your pc is slow unlike before? What jumps on people mind is format. I worked in a company where you can't just wake up and format somebody system. There many applications online that claim to clean pc, Am afraid of this to avoid virus on hacking my computer.


Glo and their endless network problems

Are you Glo network user, are you still wondering why you can't open some websites, "This site can't be reached" you think is network or the site problem? You are wrong is Glo endless network issues since 2014.

In Nigeria everything is possible. Abnormalities can be normal depending on who is blowing the whistle. Most often the commoners always suffer the pains why the rich goes free. 

Most of the companies that operate in Nigeria always use the poor sweat to water the middle-class. No matter how loud you shout, once it doesn't hurt the rich or government, your voice is as good as silent.

Another question that can give you curiosity is why the government don't pay attention when things are going wrong, but sometimes they are not to blame because wrong people are always in the right place.
If a lawyer is minister of power and Doctor is a minister of commerce what do you expect. 

 Let's go to the business of the day. Have you noticed that most times you called somebody on phone with Glo line, you airtime and phone will be counting but you won't hear the person. This is painful, but who will you report to? Sometimes ago Glo came up slashing their data, signing celebrities and sponsoring football not minding they have the most poorest network in Nigeria.


How to get google adsense approval within two weeks in 2018

You have started blogging, and you have been told that is only google adsense that can support you financially, if you are able to run their ads on your blog.

There are other alternative ads companies but google adsense is more reliable and trusted.

How to get google adsense approved in blog

Ask any blogger he will show a replied message in his inbox before he got adsense approval that starts with:-

Unfortunately …….your application has been rejected……………. 

a. Difficult site navigation...

b. Insufficient content ....

c. Unoriginal content ....

d. Site not comply with adsense policy.

And so on 

Rejected google adsense message

What to do after getting disapproval message

This type of message (rejected message) should not be the end of your blogging life rather the begging.

For instance when you get reply about insufficient content, you should add more original content instead of copying other people posts.

How I got mine blog approved with google adsense

When I entered into blogging, I went in because of passion not quick money making. I started blogging because my king of blog is missing in blog atmosphere.

Many people blog about daily news, most of their article being copied and fabricated. I avoided this by being unique with unique contents. All my posts and article are mine:- what we do in workshop and what I sit, think and write.

I believe in myself and my creativity. When I applied for adsense I got rejected because of insufficient contents. I added up to 25 posts. I reapplied and I got rejected again because of insufficient contents. This second insufficient contents is where many people get it wrong. This is not about the number of posts in your blog but individual post content.

A blog post content must be at least 300 or above organized written words. I went back to individual post cross check the words and the sentence organization. I re-organized and complete all the posts, categories, pages, articles, and labels. After that I applied for google adsense and got approval.

approved adsense message

Many people said that without buying domain name your blog won’t be approved:- this is not true.

Others suggested that your theme and design with be excellence before approval. The truth is that your decoration has nothing to do with google adsense approval. 

Connected adsense with site

I have helped others get their adsense approved within short time. You can ask your question.


Airtel network internet manual configuration

Airtel network internet manual configuration

Airtel network internet manual configuration. Many android phones mostly the lower android version don't come with internet pre-installed. So in this case you have to configure the internet settings by yourself.

Without much waste of you time let go

  1. Ensure the simcard browse internet and registered.

  2. Load airtime on the sim card and choose your internet subscription package you can afford.

  3. Make sure you didn't subscribe to Blackberry ie using bb subscription.

  4. Go to your android Menu>

  5. Go to Settings>

  6. Go to more settings under wireless and networks>

  7. Go to mobile networks>

  8. Choose airtel if there are two simcard>

  9. Go to Access Points Names

  10. Click your android button to add New APN>

Name=         Zain Mobile internet



Port=                 8080

Username=      internet

Password=        internet

Repeat the same for mms

Name=         Zain MMS



Port=                 8080

Username=      mms

Password=        mms

If the above configuration is not working, use the below configuration

Name=         Zain Mobile internet


Proxy=             none/blank

Port=                 none/blank

Username=      wap

Password=        wap

Save the configuration and start surfing internet.

For automatic configuration just text settings to 232.

Check also MTN internet configuration

Your comments are welcome here




Recently, I wrote an article problem with whatsapp and other phones where i explain how Whatsapp will not be working for some phone user by end of this year.

Well when I heard about Facebook Messenger which Obama is also  using I thought that a rescue for whatsapp has come. Am wrong because this app is not supporting BlackBerry 10. In the sense that Facebook be a partner of whatsapp has the issue of rejecting blackberry.

My question do BlackBerry that is RIM company has a private issue with facebook or whatsapp or any other social network. If the answer  is no why can't I use Facebook messenger on Blackberry 10 series. Or why do I keep getting this warning mesage on my blackberry Z3 handler that comes 30 December 2016 that whatsapp will stop working on this device. Why can't i use my facebook messenger. If the answer is yes -what is the secret reason behind all these problems.

See this picture below.


I downloaded it with BlackBerry Z3 and installed but only to end up with this picture, it never worked!


I don't really know is any other person using BlackBerry 10 series is facing the same challenge because I have tried many like BlackBerry Z30, Blackberry Classic, BlackBerry Z10 Blackberry Q10 and soon but the story is same. You will only see white screen and indication of software running  nothing more or less.

Get whatsapp on your BB10 that will not expire

But I didn't. I said let me try this application or  stop there PC i got this information. It seems the computer information is better in the sense that you can see a logo of facebook messenger. I waited for hours but only the logo remains.


What is happening to social media, why are they depriving people the use of their applications?

There is a rumor recently that Twitter may shutdown.



War between Nigerian networks over their internet data plan prices. Who has the cheapest and fastest!

Recent it was like competitions between all Nigeria networks service provider over their prices on internet data plan. Since last year it Globacom that decided to slash her prices to get more customers. It was recently announced that Glo collected 1.4m MTN users because of its low tariff on data plan. This forced other network providers to follow.  Below are new internet data plan and codes
All Nigeria networks internet data plan subscription codes

Check How to configure internet on phones 


MTN Nigeria new Internet Data Plans as from 2017

Bundle Plan

Data    Volume    Price     Validity            Activation Keyword

30MB             30MB              N100           24hours                        Text 104 to 131
100MB          100MB             N200           24hours                        Text 113 to 131
750MB          750MB             N500            7days                           Text 103 to 131
1.5GB            1.5GB              N1,000        30days                           Text 106 to 131
3.5GB            3.5GB              N2,000        30days                          Text 110 to 131
10GB              10GB              N5,000        30days                          Text 116 to 131
22GB             22GB               N10,000      30days                          Text 117 to 131

Out of bundle tariff of 5K per KB remains


Daily Plan       

SMS to 127          Plan Name         Price (N)       Data Volume    Validity        USSD Code

   14                     1 Day Pack            50                    30MB               1 Day         *127*14#
   51                     Instant Surf            100                 100MB              1 Day         *127*51#
   56                     Smallie                  200                 200MB              3 Days        *127*56#

Weekly Plans
SMS to 127    Plan Name          Price (N)     Data Volume       Validity             USSD Code
57                   Big Week              500           1GB                     10 Days            *127*57#

Monthly Plans
Plan Name          Price (N)      Data Volume            Validity            SMS to 127         USSD Code

Always Micro      1,000              2GB                          30 Days              53                    *127*53#
My Phone             2,000              6GB                          30 Days              55                    *127*55#
So Special             2,500            10GB                         30 Days               58                    *127*58#
Always Macro      3,000             12GB                        30 Days               54                    *127*54#
N4k Data Plan      4,000             18GB                        30 Days               59                    *127*59#
Always Min          5,000             24GB                        30 Days               11                     *127*2#
Always Max         8,000             48GB                        30 Days               12                    *127*1#
Gold                      15,000          60GB                        30 Days               16                     *127*12#
Platinum              18,000            90GB                        30 Days               17                    *127*13#

Are you out of data before end of your validity or you just want added data to your current plan? Boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200. Dial *777# to buy extra data (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher)

 Flexi Plans

Plan Name                            Price (N)     Data Volume      Validity      SMS to 127        USSD Code
N200 NIGHT PLAN             200                1GB            1 day (12am – 5am)   60            *127*60#
N500 WEEKEND PLAN       500               3GB           7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm & Nights 12 am – 5am)                                                                        61           *127*61#
G 100                                      6,000            4GB         100 Hrs or 30 days         20             *127*5#
G 300                                    15,000            12GB       300 Hrs or 3 Months     21             *127*4#
G-Leisure                             5,000              4GB          8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends                                                                                                           30             *127*7#
G-Work                                 6,000             4GB          8 AM to 9 PM               31            *127*6#

Price         Data       Off-Campus      On-Campus    Glo to Glo Bonus                      Validity
N200        200MB      200MB               400MB                 N50                                 4 days
N500        500MB      500MB                1GB                     N125                               7days
N1000      1GB           1GB                    2GB                     N250                               15 days
N2000       2GB          3GB                    6GB                     N500                               30 days
N5000       5GB         12GB                  24GB                    N1250                            30 days

100MB Surf the web for 10 hours or Check 2000 emails or Watch 50 mins of video streaming
500MB Surf the web for 50 hours or Check 10,000 emails or Watch 4 hours of video streaming
2GB Surf the web for 200 hours or Check 40,000 emails or Watch 20 hours of video streaming
6GB Surf the web for 600 hours or Watch 60 hours of video streaming or Use your mobile as modem

* Usage is a guide only based on the following assumptions: Web browsing = 10MB per hour, Email = 50KB per email, YouTube streaming = 2MB per minute


blackberry plan
plan  data      price(N)   *voice  (20k/sec)  USSDon-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM®  
MLITE          monthly       260MB  1000            *599*2#
WLITE          weekly        70MB     350              *599*2*1#
DLITE           daily            10MB      70              *599*2*2#

blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM®monthly     
MMID     Monthly            500MB         1500         *599*3#
WMID    weekly               125MB         550           *599*3*1#
 DMID     daily               15MB              100           *599*3*2#

blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM®
MMAX   monthly    1536MB      3000         *599*4#
WMAX   weekly      360MB        1100         *599*8#
DMAX    daily          50MB         200           *599*7#

blackberry plan
plan   duration   *voice opt-in   non-voice opt-in   price (₦)
blackberry absolute
monthly   *499*1#   *399*1#         1500
weekly     *499*6#   *399*6#         550
daily        *499*5#    *399*5#        100
 monthly 2 for 1 promo
*369*2#     *369*3#        1500
blackberry complete
monthly      *499*3#            SMS COM to 399     1000
weekly        *499*3*1#        SMS COW to 399     500
daily           *499*3*2#        SMS COD to 399       100
monthly 2 for 1 promo
*369*1#   *369*4#      1000

* voice plan allows you enjoy call rates at 20k/s to all networks.

smartphone plans
plan     monthly      cost(N)       activation code(sms to 8183)  activtion code(USSD)
           500MB       500              smarta                                    *229*2*11#
            1.5GB        1,000           smartb                                    *229*2*22#
            3.5GB        2,000           smartc                                    *229*2*44#
            6.5GB        3,500           smartd                                    *229*2*33#
            8GB           8,000           smarte                                    *229*2*55#

you enjoy automatic renewal (auto-renewal) of your plan, provided you have enough airtime to purchase the same plan. unused data will be rolled over during auto-renewal, or if another data plan is purchased before the current plan expires.

get the codes via sms: text “help” to 229.

to opt out dial *229*0#. call charges will revert to 40k/sec upon expiry of the data plan



Special plan                 2GB  #200     code  *482*1#

SmartSPEEDOO Data Plans UP TO 160MB FREE  30   *400#
Enjoy the convenience of pay as you go at a bundle rate. FREE Surf offers reduced browsing rate on usage and gives up to 160mb bonus data when you use up to 160MB. Browsing rate starts from 1kobo per KB. Billing starts from N1/MB and up to 20Kobo/MB.


BUNDLES  Plan Volume  Price(N) Validity    Code

                                DAILY   30MB           100                  1                       *410#

                                3-Day     100MB         200                  3                       *412#

            5-STAR PACK    25MB (5MB DAILY)100          5                        *401#
WEEKLY                       80MB                    300                7                        *417#
EASY                             750MB                  500                14                       *418#
2G Pack                         Unlimited              200                 14                      *482*1#
Unlimited                                                     500                 28                      *482*2#

ANDROID 1.0              1.5GB                    1,000              30                      *496#
ANDROID 2.0              3.5GB                    2,000              30                      *437#
ANDROID 2.5              5GB                       2,500              30                      *437*1#
ANDROID 3.5              7GB                       3,500              30                      *438#

OPERA MONTHLY     250 MB                 300                 30                       *885*1#

WTF MONTHLY          80MB                    200                 30                        *990#

UNLIMITED MONTH  3GB                       1,500             30                         *435#
UNLIMITED WEEK    200MB                    525                7                          *440*17#

UNLIMITED DAY       40MB                      100                1                           *440*18#

BB COMPLETE MONTH 3GB                   1,000            30                          *431#

Need quick download for only a certain period like 30 mins? How about our Airtel time based plans Enjoy Time based 30 at N300 code *439*3# only

Need data for only a certain period like 60 mins? How about our Airtel time based plans Enjoy Time based 60 at N500  code *439*4#only

Browse and download movies all night to watch during the day with our super affordable Airtel Night plans at N1,000 for 3 hours .Usable between 12am and 5:59am.Enjoy Night 120 at N1,000 code *481*2#.

Make your weekends worthwhile and memorable with Airtel weekend plans.Enjoy superfast browsing usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.Enjoy our Weekend bundle with 200MB at N200 during the weekend code *472#

Make your weekends worthwhile and memorable with Airtel weekend plans.Enjoy superfast browsing usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday.Enjoy our weekend bundle with 500MB at N500 during the weekend code *473#.

Enjoy our Smart 5 plans with 12GB at N5,000 for 30 days. Connect all your data enabled home and office devices with burn rate of * 1Kobo/kb(10pm-6am) 2kobo/kb(6:01am-9:59pm) code *452#.

Stay on the Smart side of life with our 24GB Smart 8 plan, with a burn rate of 1Kobo/kb(10pm-6am) 2kobo/kb(6:01am-9:59pm) .Enjoy our Smart 8 plan at N8,000 for 30 days code *460#

Heavy on data? We got the best plans at the most affordable rate for our Smart 10 plan with 34GB at N10,000 only. Whats more? Plan comes with FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI and a burn rate of 1Kobo/kb (5pm-9am) weekdays+All weekends. code *462#

Enjoy super fast and reliable data to stay connected with our Smart 15 plan. It comes with FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI at N15,000 for 60 days code *463#.

Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Smart 36 plan is the ultimate choice with 50GB at N36,000 valid for 180 days, it also comes with FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER code *406#

Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Smart 60 plan is the ultimate choice with 100GB for N70,000 valid for 365 days, It also comes with FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER code *407#.

MEGA 136
Do you require large data for the whole family or an office? Then the Airtel Smart 136 plan is the ultimate choice with 200gb at N136,000  valid for 365 days, It also comes with FREE DONGLE/ DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER code *408#

* 1Kobo/kb (10pm-6am) 2kobo/kb (6:01am-9:59pm)   **(5pm-9am) weekdays + All weekends

All android plans are valid for 30 days and work on any device including Modems and Mobile WiFi devices.

To check your remaining internet data plan balance, simply dial *140#

Please note that failure to subscribe to a data plan would result in being charged at PAYU rate of 5Kobo per Kilobyte. This 5Kobo per Kilobyte rate also applies to all those who finish their data allowance and fail to re-subscribe to another plan.

It is not only mtn and  others you can also use Visafone modem to browse at high speed but little bit expensive than others hope that Visa will slash the price soon.



Type Plan                     Volume(GB) Validity Time Slot  Price (N)      Activation Code
EVDO Modem +Data 1GB               30 days  24/7         3,999            843

Note: Your subscription expires at the end of the allocated days or upon consumption of the allocated volume. If your volume is exhausted before the allocated days, the service will stop. You have an option of purchasing the same data plan or any other plan of your choice in order to continue enjoying the service. At the completion of the 30 day billing cycle, the system will automatically re-subscribe your account if you have enough airtime on the modem account.

Subscription Plan  Volume  Xtra Volume              Validity        Cost (N)   Renewal Code
Daily                      12MB    12MB                        1 day            100          663
WEEKLY              50MB    50MB                        7 days24/7    400          665
Monthly                200MB   200MB                     30 days         1,000        669
Monthly               1.2GB      360MB1.56GB        30 days24/7  3,000        664


Subscription Plan                      Volume         Validity          Cost (N)          Activation Code
Daily                                          150MB         1 day             449                  651
Weekly                                       100MB        7 days            500                  657
Monthly                                      200MB       30 days          1,000               813
Monthly                                     2GB             30 days          2,000               586
Monthly                                     20GB           30 days          12,999             654
Monthly                                     4GB             30 days          3,499               812
Monthly                                    10GB            30 days          5,999                652
Monthly                                    13GB             30 days          7,499               656
Monthly                                    15GB             30 days          9,999               653
Monthly                                    20GB             30 days          12,999             654
Monthly                                    26GB             30 days          15,999             655
King SizeUnlimited**                                    30 days          36,999             683
12 Months +2 Months FREE    42GB            420 days         66,499             686

*Fair Usage policy of 50GB applies.

To View Renewal Code Menu: Dial *444*600#
To Pay for your Data Subscription, Dial *444*Renewal Code*Modern Number#
To check your Current Plan: Dial *444*601*Modem Number#
To Confirm Subscription Transaction: Dial *444*602#
To Cancel your current Plan: *444*603*Modem Number#

All plans are automatically renewed when subscription expires if the subscriber loads the required amount of airtime on the device before the expiration of his/her current plan.

You can renew your subscription by topping up your moderm from any Visafone prepaid line with airtime and dialing the appropriate renewal code.

You can change your current plan to another plan after your current plan EXPIRES or you can cancel the current plan to enable you purchase another plan.

For Other Data renewal optionsA. e-Channels
1. Visafone's Website:
2. Direct Debit - Zenith Bank PLC
3. Internet Banking platform - Zenith Bank
4. Quickteller: Cash Payment & Other Channels
1. All Visafone Shops
2. Cash deposit at the branches of Zenith Bank
3. Recharge Cards

Visafone Prepaid Internet

The Prepaid Internet is designed to enable Visafone Subscribers to browse the internet anytime anywhere within the Visafone coverage area on pay as you browse basis. This package is based on the CDMA 1x technology. It is charged on per minute basis.Prepaid internet is specifically designed for use with any data enabled phone which will act as a modem e.g. Haier D200, Fixed Wireless Terminal phone, Delta CK Music, Huawei C2860, Motorola V9m etc. due to ease of checking balance and recharging.
Flexible data service i.e. surf at your convenience.
Unlimited access to the internet as long as you have sufficient credit on your account
Spare subscribers the financial commitment of paying bulk sums of money in advance for access to the internet.
Quick implementation and easy maintenance.
Ability to recharge data account via regular recharge cards.
Visafone 1x
Based on the on the CDMA 1x technology; this package allows you to browse the internet anytime anywhere within the Visafone coverage area at speeds of up to 153kbps* on shared basis. It is suitable for customers who require internet access for basic use like browsing and checking mails.
Low and transparent data tariffs.
Constant access to internet
Easy set up and use.
Offers you a range of supplementary and value added services
Instant Connectivity
Easy payment via recharge cards and from existing voice airtime.
Choice of 3 different plans
24 hour support.
Customer agreement form to be completed at the point of acquisition.

Acquisition and Set up
You can activate the CDMA 1x service by going to the nearest Visafone shop. You will be required to choose your service time plan and modem type to go with requested package. After making prerequisite payments, your computer is either set up by Visafone technical support or you are given simple, step by step instructions on how to set up the service yourself.1X DATA RENEWAL PLANS

Subscription Plan Volume Xtra Volume Validity            Cost (N)       Activation  Code
Daily                      50MB   50MB           1 day 24/7         120             641
Weekly                   200MB  200MB        7 day 24/7         500             644
Monthly Xpress(Mon-Thurs.(8pm-7am) & Friday 8pm-Mon 7am)
                               2GB       2GB            30 days 24/7       2,499         647
Monthly day Surfer (8am-9pm)
                               2.6GB     2.6GB          30 days 24/7      2,700        648
Monthly                2.6GB       2.6GB         30 days 24/7     3,000        642
Monthly                6.5GB       6.5GB         30 days  24/7    5,999         643
Monthly               14GB        14GB           210 days 24/7    20,999      671
Monthly               28GB        28GB          420 days   24/7    38,999    672

*Fair usage policy of 50GB applies To renew your subscription, Dial *444*code*Number# “Code” is defined above while “Number” is the data account number.

Note: Your subscription expires at the end of the allocated days or upon consumption of the allocated volume. If your volume is exhausted before the allocated days, the service will stop. You have an option of purchasing the same data plan or any other plan of your choice in order to continue enjoying the service. At the completion of the 30 day billing cycle, the system will automatically re-subscribe your account if you have enough airtime on the modem account.


Type Plan        Volume of Data            Validity               Price (N)          Activation Code (N)
Modem +Data 2                                    60 days 24/7        7,499                  631
1                                                            30 days  24/7       6,499                  638
12                                                          6 months  24/7    23,999                633
24                                                         12 months  24/7   42,749                635

*This is only applicable on Huawei EC 177 and Digifone modem

Subscription Plan Volume Xtra Volume Validity Time Slot   Cost (N)  Renewal Code
Daily                     2MB              2MB    1 days    24/7            25           661
Weekly                 40MB            40MB   7 days    24/7           300          667
Monthly               150MB          150MB  30 days  24/7          700          668
Monthly               500MB          800MB  30 days  24/7          1,500       662

Mobile Internet
Visafone Mobile Internet is designed to offer Visafone Subscribers access to and management of Personal Information - email, calendar and contacts from their mobile device using CDMA 1x/EVDO as the service bearer. Using Push technology subscribers will have real-time access and synchronization capability from mobile phones to their enterprise email, calendar and contacts. Subscribers will also have pull access to POP3 and other web mails like hotmail, Gmail, etc.
True push - instant delivery
Synchronize email, contacts, calendar and global address access.
Downloading attachments, and real-time email delivery.
Easy payment of data via recharge cards.
Using native, localized mail client
All changes to the mailbox reflected immediately, both ways
Easy as SMS
No synchronisation delays
Always connected and running, no user intervention required.
Fast internet access via CDMA 1x/EVDO on 24/7.
Phone can be easily used as a modem for internet access on a computer.
Low monthly tariffs.
True push - instant delivery
Customer agreement form to be completed at the point of acquisition.

At the start of a new billing cycle, your account will be renewed if you have sufficient balance in your modem or phone (for mobile internet). If you do not have sufficient balance, the service will be suspended.

Existing subscribers can move from one service plan to another by dialing a short code.

You need to come to the shop with the following items in order to purchase any of our data services

Valid ID Card [International Passport or Driver License or National ID Card]

1 Passport photograph

Proof of Address [Utility Bill such as Electricity Bill or Water Board Bill]

All plans are automatically renewed when subscribers load required amount on modem with recharge cards.

You can switch from prepaid internet to any plan of your choice.

You can renew your current plan by simply topping up your modem with recharge cards or dialing the codes above from any Visafone prepaid handset.

You can change from your current plan to another plan only after your current plan EXPIRES.

You cannot switch from any plan to Visafone Mobile Internet; to get Visafone Mobile Internet you have to visit the nearest Visafone outlet.

Existing Visafone Mobile Internet users can update their subscription by simply loading the required airtime in their phone; the airtime will be automatically deducted and their subscription will be renewed.

1 *444*600#
To access RC Data Pay menu Tree
Check Your Current Data Plan
To Confirm Subscription Transaction
Cancel Your Current Plan

Note: These data plans are only for mobile phones.

To renew your subscription, Dial *444*code*Number# “Code” is defined above while “Number” is the data account number.

Enter into an exciting new world of high speed broadband internet services via CDMA 1x and EVDO on the Visafone network.

Our thrilling and flexible banquet offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your immediate and specific needs without leaving a dent in your pocket.

You can now choose network and data plan that suits you!

About Zamdtek

We developed this site as a result of company expansion. We have over 10 years experience on PC and Phone repair. We are committed to help you both online and workshop. Visiting us will give you hope and satisfaction. We have covered almost every problem you may face with your Phone or PC.

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