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BLU Life XL L050U android google account reset and FRP bypass

BLU Life XL L050U android google account reset and FRP bypass

BLU Life XL L050U google account reset and FRP bypass in 10 seconds.

The increase of android production brings about improve in security. By bringing the technology to you and give you innovations. Android FRP is just like iPhone icloud.

What is FRP? Factoty Reset Protection. This technology help you retain and restore your android device by login the details so what happens when you can't remember your Google account details.
Zamdtek is always there to help you reset your google account so that you can create a new google account for your android.

Note : This is for personal use, zamdtek is not responsible for using this tutorial in any other way. We only help you to repair or fix your brick android, Not for you to abuse the repair process that took us time to get right.


spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition solution

Just as we have shown you on how to use Research download and Upgrade download tool.  Bear it in mind that it is not all SPD android that you can just write, flash or upgrade without any problem. Sometimes you get this error while flashing SPD android with Research or Upgrade download tool spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition.

Don't panic  read down as we bring the best solution for this kind of problem.

Steps on how to solve spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition

  • Take a look at the image below. 
spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition solution

spd sc7715 flashing failed-incomplete partition  solution

  • Click on the research download settings.

  • untick 3rd 4th 5th 6th options below fdl 1 and fdl2 box.

  • I advice you use Research download 2.9.9005 and below version.

  • Then you click starts button.

  • Wait for about 30 minutes for the flashing to be concluded.

  • If the problem continues then is time you download another file.

  • After trying another file and still the same the use Miracle Box.

How to use Miracle Box and flash SPD android phone


  1. Get a working the same type of SPD android phone.

  2. Connect your Miracle box to the computer.

  3. Get a working USB cable and working brain.

  4. Open the Miracle box interface.

  5. Select Read file.

  6. Hold Up of the android phone.

  7. Connect the phone to USB and allow it to read the flash file.

  8. Save the file to a location where you can remember.

  9. Bring the bricked SPD phone do step 6.

  10. Connect the phone to USB and select write file.

  11. Allow the phone to write the file finish

  12. Then your phone is back to life.

If these two methods failed it means your SPD android is hard bricked. By following these instructions carefully spd sc7715 flashing failed incomplete partition is 100% solved.

Hit us with your comments or observation. If we help you say thanks and tell others.

Coming search how to connect android to Window 7 that requires Window XP.........

How to repair Bricked or dead BLU

How to repair Bricked BLU

Here, we are going to see how to fix bricked BLU andriod smartphone. It is still very much unknown what can cause some android phone to bricked or hangs on logo. But recently I came to find out that excessive browsing without active antivirus is one of the major factor.

Again, if you like to transfer music from your to another and also connect from people then you must pick virus that can brick your phone any moment.

BLU android

Steps on How to unbrick bricked BLU android phone.

  • Get a working USB cable.

  • Get a working common sense

  • Get your computer ready

  • Download SP Tool software.

  • Learn how to us SP Tool here.

  • Check the model of your BLU android.

  • Go online and download the scatter file.

  • Safe your scatter file where you will remember.

BLU android

How to repair Bricked BLU
  • Load the BLU scatter file on sp tool.

  • Uncheck preloader box.

  • Click download button.

  • Remove the smartphone battery .

  • Insert USB cable put the battery back.

  • The BLU android will start downloading.

  • Wait till you see passed or OK on sp tool.

Another way to flash or unbrick this BLU android is the use of Miracle box or Volcano box.
  • Connect your Flashing box with computer.

  • Open the software interface.

  • Select write software.

  • Load the scatter file just like sp tool.

  • Connect your BLU android with USB.

  • Remove the battery.

  • Reinsert the battery.

  • Then flashing will start wait until is done.

After this your phone will take much time for the first boot. If it doesn't boot then you have to do manual hard reset. Some times it may require you to write imei  it it show "imei null on invaliid".

If you follow the above process carefully and flash with correct scatter file then your phone will be back to normal.

If we help you hit us with comment.


How to Remove Google Account for BLU Android

BLU android

Just like Samsung most of MTK Android comes with Google account

To remove this is a problem at times. BLU is just another android that see to act like MTK but not mtk. But before you remove the google account, ckeck if you can backup in case anything goes wrong.

Here I will show you how to remove BLU android Google account

Root not needed just follow  picture below

Step 1

Check how to repair android imei null/invalid

  1. Use Miracle box.

  2. Open the box interface

  3. Instead of selecting format, select google account.

  4. power off the phone and connect usb holding the up volume.

  5. First click read and backup the file.

  6. Go to MTK>>>Clear settings/frp

Step 2

If everything goes on well then you have gotten it and the google account is gone

Do hard rest

then you must wait for at least 30 minutes for the phone to come on.

Donot panic while you wait!


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Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be deleted and you need to include them once more.

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Hardware problems:  the solution we posted here has been tested in our workshop. We don’t take any responsibility whatever if anything go wrong in cause of your own work . We repeat this and loud please do it at your own risk. You can ask us how.

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