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Protect your Blog and Wordpress from thief (Copy-and-Paste Bloggers)

Learn How to protect your blog from copy-and-paste thief.

Blogging is a hard-work if you want to write original contents. Contents is the key when you produce your contents from scratch instead of stealing from other bloggers.

Plagiarism is a serious offense but nowadays bloggers only copy and paste peoples work not minding the crime.

To protect your blog copy-n-paste thief you have to disable right-clicked. So nobody can copy your content. To display copying and protect your blog articles follow these steps

  • Login to your blog.
  • Click on Layout see figure 1 below.
  • I used footer Add to Gadget section here see figure 1 below. 
  • Click on add Add to Gadgets then select HTML. See image below

  • Paste the code below on the HTML window that will pop up and save. 

  • Check the see if your blog post can still be copied.
  • This can only be done by visiting any of your blog post in PC or mobile.

Figure 1 Blogger New Post

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