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Gionee f103 imei invalid/null repair solution

Gione f103 imei took us almost 4 days to fix Gione f103 imei ,We tried  almost all the  method  online without success. We tried MTK Engineering, muact imei repair, miracle box, Cm2, valcano box, universal box, NCK dongle without repairing Gione f103.

Here am going to  show you how it will work.

Gionee f103 imei  invalid/null repair solution.  

1. Change the Gione f103 to about 80%.

2. Dial *#06# to check if the imei is invalid.

3. Power on the  Gione f103  invalid imei.

NOTE: If your  Gione has invalid imei it can neither make or receive call. You can't browse with any network at all. In Gione f103, you can't enter the network baseband  (null) in about to check  if the  baseband  is corrupt

4. Use your computer  or  phone  ad download this particular  GIONE F103.

Download Gionee F103 ROM Firmware here

5. This  file  has been  tested as 100%.Gione f103  Rome film ware.

Download  SP Tool Or Miracle Box crack.

If you don't have any extract the downloaded  Files. You can also use a backup From working Gionee  f103.

6. Load the scatter  file on SP tool or Miracle  box crack interface. See image below

7. Connect the Gione f103  with USB cable to computer.

8. Select download if SP Tool or write of Miracle software.

9. Untick loader preloadeder. See image below.

10. Give the Gione f103 time to finish flashing the new firmware.

11. Power on  your Gione f103.

12. Download MTKEngineering App apk.

13. Install it on your phone and use it to repair  Gionee f103 imei.

Learn How to use MTKEngineering or code here                                                                                    

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