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How to unlock bootloader in latest android phones to enable root, network unlock and FRP.

Introduction of Android by Googla ‎bring about introduction of many security measures. The introduction of bootloader was widely used by HTC to checkmate their security. Unlike any other functions of Android unlocking bootloader is not easy. 

A bootloader is a manufacturer or re-seller. proprietary image responsible for bringing up the kernel on a device. For instance LG that is produced for MetroPCS will carry MetroPCS bootloader, But LG marketed direct will have LG bootloader. Bootloader may contain vendor images at same time controls the boot kernel.

Unlocking bootloader or flashing another .Da file will bypass the vendor Bootloader.

Recently, different android producing companies have come up with different security measures ranging from PIN, pattern, ‎password, face recognition, finger print and the rest. Upon all these security measures people still breaks down the security. 

When android was introduced, it was easy to manipulate but as android advance in technology manipulation becomes complicated. Rooting android 5.1 and below version is easy but 6.0 version is had and may involve flashing phone partition. The latest 7.0 and above can't be just rooted unless you unlock the bootloader. 

Phones general was build on different combinations of hardware and software. Many manufacturers apply measures to secure their products. Bootloader can prevent FRP bypass, flashing and network unlock. Today we are going to show you how to unlock Bootloader on android 6.0 to 8.0 version. 

Why do we unlock Bootloader in androids: to enable root, FRP, network unlock, flashing unofficial rom.

How to unlock Bootloader in LG, Samsung, HTC, MTK, ZTE etc

‎Charge your android phones to around 80%.
Activate USB debugging 

Get your computer ready.

Download and install add drivers

Get your USB 

Like our facebook page and get the password.

Download Android 6.0, 7.1 to 8.1.0 bootloader file here and get password here.

           Thanks to LG aristo for the software.

Then install the file in your computer.and open the Minimal ADB and fasboot is in command form.

Lets start We used LG Aristo 2 X210MA version 7.1,2

Step 1 activate the usb debugging and connect your android phone to computer.

Step 2. Type inside CMD "adb devices" without quote

Step 3. The phone model LGX210 has been detected ans show inside

Step 4 Check your phone to tick and authorize USB Debugging.

Step 5 Type again adb devices and press enter.

Step 6 Type adb reboot loader and press enter key.

How to solve Gboard keeps stopping on android phones. 

Step 7 Look at your android phone screen, it will reboot to fastboot mode.

Step 8. Type fastboot oem unlock and press enter.

Step 9.Your android phone will reboot with warning yes to continue booting. like

If you are unlocking MTK then dial *#*#7278423#*#* to check if the bootloader has been unlocked. This code will open a pop up window on your MTK android phone then 
Go to Service Info>>Configuration
The next window you will see

Bootloader unlock allowed - Yes . This means that bootloader is locked

Bootloader unlocked - Yes Then your bootloader is unlocked

 If no window open then type in CMD bootloader.

Alas, You have succeeded in unlocking your bootloader. You can Root, Flash unofficial ROM, unlock your network or FRP Bypass.

Infinix Android 6.0, 7.0 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

Tecno Android 6.0, 7.0 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

LG Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

Samsung Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

ZTE Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

HTC Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

XIomi Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM

BLU Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock,rooting & flash unofficial ROM

Gionee Android 6.0, 7.1 and above booloader unlock, rooting & flash unofficial ROM.

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