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How to get Google adsense stops showing after buying domain name approved 2018

You have Google adsense approved blogspot but want to buy a domain name. 

Google adsense approval 2018

Don't be in a haste read down  my experience first. My google adsense was approved on my blogspot not youtube on any other platform. My adsense has been displaying in the blogspot till I upgraded to domain name. What happened the whole ads disappeared only shows blank and on blog previews!

I went to Google adsense forum and complained. Thanks for the expert quick answer. Below was our details conversations.

My adsense stops showing after buying domain name.
I have approved adsense running on my blogspot.
As soon as I redirected the blogspot to domain name
All the add became blank.
What is the reseason?

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If your Google AdSense account is "hosted" (for example: you did apply for Google AdSense with Blogger, YouTube, etc., you've got it approved, then your Google Account is "hosted"), then you need to start an upgrade - if you want to monetize your own domain name:
Use my hosted AdSense account to show ads on my own site
Search & post in Google Product Forums

Thanks for quick reply. Does this mean that after a blogspot has been reviewed and approved by adsense, When you buy a domain name, you reapply afresh for an approval with the same blogspot? Can one blogspot be used to apply for two approvals?

Short (but incomplete) answers: yes, and yes.

Thanks Am clearer now. I have applied for the upgrade. Today is the day 3 and still no reply, the adds is still showing blank.

The review process takes 4-6 weeks but ensure you have completed the verification PIN process first or it will never happen and no ads will show anywhere to get you past the PIN threshold.

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Thanks i4c, Is clear to me that I made a mistake by buying domain. I have not completed PIN verification. So my adsense is now go forever. Or is there anything I will do?

Thanks i4c, Is clear to me that I made a mistake by buying domain. I have not completed PIN verification. So my adsense is now go forever. Or is there anything I will do?

Buying a domain is not really a "mistake". PIN verification is not "optional".

@ Or is there anything I will do? Uncouple the blog from the domain name and 48hrs or so later ads will start appearing on the blog again hopefully allowing you to earn enough to get past the PIN threshold. Please note the PIN is not generated at
i4c thanks.
I will try you suggestion.
Am just tired of google and their protocols.

Thanks to everybody that answered my question.
My adsense was re-approved after like two weeks.
I didn't take any further action

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Your website has been approved to show AdSense ads

Congratulations, your AdSense account has been approved to show AdSense ads on your own website. Within a few hours, you will begin to see live ads.

I know by now you will be asking what I did since my PIN has not been verified. I did a simple thing constant uploading and post of original standard contents while I waited the approval. But first I login to adsense, go to my ads, scroll down to the product and entered the new domain name for the final approval!

For a detailed walkthrough of everything you need to know as a new AdSense for content publisher, visit the Your guide to AdSense under
Even after approval, we continuously review all accounts for compliance with our policies. If any violations are detected, your account may be disapproved or ad serving to your pages may be stopped. If at any time you are not seeing ads appear, we recommend that you log into your AdSense account and examine any messages that may appear

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