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Nokia 3310 (TA-1030) LCD & light solution

Nokia 3310 (TA-1030) LCD & light solution

Just like Nokia 220 lcd or screen problem today, we are going to show you the easiest way you can use to fix the new NOKIA 3310 DUAL SIM TA-1030 display problem.

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How to repair Nokia 3310 dual sim LCD, screen and display problem

Step 1

1.Get you star-screw driver.

2. Get your Rework Station on if you have any.

3. Get you connecting wire ready.

4. Plug your Soldering iron.

5. Get paste ready for applying on the base.

6. Remove the battery and sim of the phone.

7. Loose/disassemble your phone with screw driver

8. Check for water damaged part or rust on the screen legs.

9. Clean the phone with vacuum cleaner or spirit.

10. Test if the light will come up.

11. If it doesn't work then is time to do the real job.
Zamdtek is not responsible for any damage done to your phone during repair. Care should be taken to avoid removing others components close to the one you want to change or replace. Handle rework station with care because it can damage anything even your skin

Step 2
If the above step 1 doesn't fix your problem then follow this step.
1. Disassemble or loose your Nokia 3310 dual sim.
2. Unclip or remove the camera flex.
3. Look under the Camera flex and check the clip.
4. If you observe very well the clip of camera is same as the clip of LCD.

Nokia 3310 (TA-1030) LCD & light solution

Use Rework Station, power it on and remove the Camera clip and replace the LCD/screen clip.
As you know this particular phone is a new Nokia 3310 and getting the LCD clip will not be easy.
If you replace this clip well, the your problem is solved.


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