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Infinix Hot Restarting & hanging solution eg Hot 4

Infinix Hot Restarting & hanging even after flashing

Do have a bricked infinix android especially Infinix Hot Series like Infinix Hot like:

Infinix Hot 5 Lite Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot S Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Lite Restarting & hanging

Infinix S2 Restarting & hanging

Infinix S2 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot S3 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 LTE Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 2 X510 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot X507 Restarting & hanging

And suddenly the phone started restarting. How have tried flashing using SP ToolVolcano Box and Miracle Box.

You have downloaded all the Infinix ROM and flash the infinix Hot but it still hangs and restarts.
The technician has told you that no solution again unless you change the panel. You have stormed a right place because your final solution is here.

How get the infinix hot restarting fixed.

Step 1. Loose/disaasemble the Infinix hot android with srew-driver.
Step 2. Remove the battery most of the batteries are inbult battery.
Step 3. Carefully check the panel for dust and clean the panel.
Step 3. Reinstall the battery and power the Infinix Hot android phone.
Step 4. Wait for some time and see if it will boot fully.
Step 5. Check the power connector for rust on any teeth.
Step 6. Remove or change the camera (recommended)

Remove the battery then remove the camera, reinstall the battery without the camera and power your phone. If you succeed then you have to change the camera or clean the camera flex terminals.

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