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Samsung Galaxy S7 frp bypass and Google account reset

FRP bypass, Google account remove Samsung Galaxy  S7

How to remove frp or reset google account on Samsung Galaxy S7

This solution has only be tested on Samsung android 6.0.1. It can work in other version provided you download the particular version Google Account Manager.

Step 1
You can watch the video here

Enter the talkback settings

Connect the phone to wifi, then press back button
Press the Home button 3 times to enable TalkBack

On the TalkBack screen draw L

Samsung FRP Bypass

Then Global Context Menu will appear
Tap the TalkBack Settings twice (2X)
Draw another big L
Check speak when screen is off feature

Samsung FRP Bypass

Samsung FRP Bypass

Step 2

Suspends TalkBack feature

Tap 2 times on Pause feedback and press OK

Samsung FRP Bypass

Now scroll to Help & feedback
Samsung FRP Bypass

Tap on Help line and search icon
Type V and tap Get Started with Voice Access

Samsung FRP Bypass

Tap play icon
Tap arrow
Samsung FRP Bypass
Click on the 3 dots
Samsung FRP Bypass

Double click upper left of youtube with arrow V
Samsung FRP Bypass

Ignore Youtube update
Tap on the youtube screen tap 3 dots upper left

Samsung FRP Bypass

Click on the Settings
Scroll down to about
Tap on Google Privacy settings

Samsung FRP Bypass

Once you tap this google will open and you can now choose Browser or Chrome.

FRP bypass, Google acoount remove Samsung Galaxy

     And install
       And install
Open QuickShortCutMaker and type on the search bar Google Manager

If you can't download these files just google and download


Tap on the Google Account Manager
Scroll down to Type Username and Password

FRP bypass, Google acoount remove Samsung Galaxy

Tap on the 3 dots at upper left and sign in with your existing google account.
FRP bypass, Google acoount remove Samsung Galaxy

FRP bypass, Google acoount remove Samsung Galaxy

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