numa ruck5 android scatter file

numa ruck5 android scatter file

Download .bin or stock file of numa ruck5 android.

 numa ruckr5 android scatter file

numa ruckr5 android Specifications

Description 5.0" ruckR5
Platform: MTK 6582 Android 4.4
CPU: 1.3 GHZ Quad Core
Multi-Touch Screen: 5.0" QHD IPS G-F (960*540)
Frequency Voice: GSM: Quad Band 800/900/1800/1900Mhz
Frequency Data: WCDMA: 850/2100Mhz
Sim Card: Dual Sim Dual Standby
Internal Memory/Storage: 4GB(ROM)+1GB(RAM)
External Memory: Support T-F Card (Max to 32GB)
Bluetooth: BT 4.0 LE
FM Radio: Support
Camera: Front real 2MP, Rear 5.0MP AF with Flash
WIFI: Support (802.11 b/g/n)
GPS: Support
Sensor: Light Sensor, G-Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Magnetic Sensor
Battery: Real 1900mAh/LiPolymer
Speaker: 20*30 Box Speaker
OTG: Included (Playing music 7 video from external hard drive 128GB maximum)

Reading of numa ruckr5 android from Volcano box

Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable.
Hardware version:CA01
Software version:0001
SecCfgVal :0x00000000
BromVersion :0xFF
BLVersion :0x01
Boot downloading complete!
EMMC_BOOT1_SIZE: 0x00400000
EMMC_BOOT2_SIZE: 0x00400000
EMMC_PRMB_SIZE: 0x00400000
EMMC_GP1_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP2_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP3_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_GP4_SIZE: 0x00000000
EMMC_USER_SIZE: 0x1C3000000(7.05 G)

Analysis of system files...
PRELOADER: addr:0x000000 --length:0xC00000
MBR: addr:0xC00000 --length:0x080000
EBR1: addr:0xC80000 --length:0x080000
PRO_INFO: addr:0xD00000 --length:0x300000
NVRAM: addr:0x1000000 --length:0x500000
PROTECT_F: addr:0x1500000 --length:0xA00000
PROTECT_S: addr:0x1F00000 --length:0xA00000
SECCFG: addr:0x2900000 --length:0x020000
UBOOT: addr:0x2920000 --length:0x060000
BOOTIMG: addr:0x2980000 --length:0x1000000
RECOVERY: addr:0x3980000 --length:0x1000000
SEC_RO: addr:0x4980000 --length:0x600000
MISC: addr:0x4F80000 --length:0x080000
LOGO: addr:0x5000000 --length:0x300000
EXPDB: addr:0x5300000 --length:0xA00000
ANDROID: addr:0x5D00000 --length:0x38400000
CACHE: addr:0x3E100000 --length:0x7E00000
USRDATA: addr:0x45F00000 --length:0x7C800000
BMTPOOL: addr:0xFFFF00A8 --length:0x1500000

Read phone information success.
Format range: Start Address: 0x45F01000,Format Length :0x7C7FF000
Flash erasing complete!
Check the data complete.

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