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How to use android phone as Hotspot

How to use android phone as Hotspot or modem.

I still hear people say I want to buy modem for my laptop or my modem is not working. I will be like why are these people still in dark age. 

This is because they carry different types of android which you can turn to pc, iPhone and Nokia Lumia. So why can't you use that your smart phone as your modem and phone at same time.

Always come here to learn anything about technology. Just relax and follow the following instructions on how you can sue your phone as modem called hotspot.

Step 1 Ensure you have enough data on your simcard because pc consumes more data than phone. Go to Menu

Android Hotspot

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Step 2 Go to settings

Setup Android Hotspot

Step 3 check that you are in wireless and network option. Select More settings

                           How to use android phone as Hotspot

Step 5 choose Tethering and Portable Hotspot

Android Hotspot

How to use android phone as Hotspot

Step 6 activate Hotspot and configure the setting like username and password. Ensure you use strong password.

How to use android phone as Hotspot

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