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How to backup your contacts

How to backup your contacts with Nokia, Blackberry, Androids or iPhones

You just lost your phone and that important contact is nowhere to be found. You just made a mistake. You would have saved that important number somewhere.

Maybe your external memory card, your yahoo mail account, your gmail account or send it to your trusted mail friend inbox.

We always make complex technology short for you. We earlier show you how you can Find your Lost phone through google.

Here we show you how you can save your contacts before anything happens to your phone. Just follow the steps below and your contacts will always remain intact anytime.

Step 1 press your contact

How to backup your contacts

Step 2 press Option key on your phone. Select Import/Export.

Step 3 select Export to SD card

How to backup your contacts

Step 4 Before you click ok. Ensure that the file is saving in .vcf file. This is the kind of file that you can restore to another phone by selecting Import from step 3 above.

How to backup your contacts

Step 5 Check the saving path.

How to backup your contacts

Step 6 Check your storage file for the contact vcf.

Step 7. This is how the contacts file look like. You can upload the file to your email inbox or any other storage. The file is just in kb size.

How to backup your contacts

From now do not tell me "i lost lost my phone who is this", who is calling! 

To save your contacts is just easy. You can sync all your contacts to your gmail or yahoo mail.

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