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Android is a smart phone that many people like to have but it comes with its own issues like hanging and not responding.  In the event of this, what can you do?  This website is always the first to inform and educate you on the little phone tips that can help you keep your phone going  and working without seeing any technician or professional.


Lenovo A678t hard reset and hanging solution

Here comes lenovo A678t hard reset

Step 1

Charge your phone up till 70%

Step 2

Press and hold power and volume- (down)

Step 3

When you enter factory mode then press power button again

Step 4

As you press power button, it will enter fast boot mode

Step 5

There will be about five Chinese sentences (short)

Use vol-or vol + to select the one with emmc

Step 6

Use the return button  ] to ok emmc

Second Method to reset Lenovo A678t android phone.

  1. Get Miracle Box ready

  2. charge Lenovo A678t to about 80%

  3. Install MTK drivers ie latest drivers

  4. Bachup your android phone with miracle box:- this usually takes up to 3 to 5 hours depending on the speed  of you computer.

  5. connect your Lenovo to Miracle box interface and select format. small box will popup choose NO.

  6. Allow the box to format the phone.

  7. Give the Lenovo A678t sometimes to first reboot

Alert you are done with the reset

Note: Hard reset, master reset of any android can brick the android phone ensure that you backup before any operation.

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