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Most at times due to one thing or the other our android smartphone becomes unresponsive.  This may be caused by virus or over cache usage.  So what we needed to do here is to clear the cache or erase stuck memory.

Follow down the steps as we explain the way by which you can reset your Motorola XT912  android smart phone.


NOTE: Hard reset or master reset will remove everything from your phone.  This is called “total erase”.

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How to hard reset motorla xt912

Step 1

Charge the phone battery up till 80%.

Step 2

Press and hold volume +ve, volume-ve and power buttons till the phone enter white letter with black screen.

Step 3

Select recovery mode with volume down.

Step 4

Ok or select it with volume up.

Step 5

Tap vol- & vol + at same time to enter fast boot mode.

Step 6

Select wipe with vol-or vol +

Step. 7

Ok or choose the wipe option with power button.

Second Method of Motorola XT912 hard reset

In this particular method is just as simply as anything. All you have to do is go to motorola website.

Check the XT912 rom or firmware

Download the rom from the site.

Save it where you can remember.

Extract the Motorola XT912 downloaded file and flash the android smartphone. Always remember to backup first before flashing so that if anything goes wrong you Droid XT912 can be recovered.

After format, choose reboot with power button, so that your phone will reboot.

Finally if you get everything according to the steps, then you Motorola XT912 by now has gone back to default factory. So follow the screen instructions and setup your android ie droid ct912 Motorola.

Zamdtek is not responsible for any problem you encounter in case of this particular solution.

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