Get whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 that will not expire December 2016

Get whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 that will not expire December 2016
A time came when many people were scared about the drama between blackberry rim and social media. Owing a blackberry device especially blackberry 10 is a beautiful thing. But when you learnt that comes December 30th 2016, your BlackBerry 10 series will not whatsapp again then your mind will jump. I have some special interest and likeness in BB10 which I don't want to leave.

I have written about whatsapp and Blackberry and other social media in this website. It is no longer news that comes December 30 2016 whatsapp will drop some device like Nokia and BlackBerry which BB10 is inclusive. But as a technologist we have to embark on some research to solve this whatsapp and BB10 problem.

If you have any of this BlackBerry 10 these includes BlackBerry Z10, Z3, Z30, Blackberry Q10, Q5, Classic and so on, When ever you turn on your whatsapp this message warning you that whatsapp will drop the device at the end of this year will appear. We are here to tell you that you should no throw away or  sell the phone because the final solution is here.

lets give you the bomb!

Get whatsapp on BlackBerry 10 that will not expire

How to install whatsapp that won't expire 2017 on BB10

  1. Uninstall the whatsapp you are using on your BB10.

  2. Download this whatsapp here.

  3. Save it where you will remember.

  4. Run the whatsapp in your BB10.

  5. Accept the application and follow screen instructions.

  6. Enter your phone number and check for the code.

  7. Enter the code sent to you by whatsapp.

  8. Activate the new whatsapp application.

If you follow the steps above then you whatsapp will remain and the warning message will  not appear again. So the is the best solution so those of us that will like to remain Blackberry fans.

Don't sell that BB10 just because it will not whatsapp by January 2017 because the solution is here. This particular solution has been tested and am still using my BlackBerry Z3 whatsapp without getting the message.

Just download, install and tell others.

Finally Whatsapp stopped working on BB10 today 20/07/2017.
The solution is simple
Delete the old
Download new one
Install the new one
Restore your backup
That is it