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How to remove LG GX200 password

How to remove LG GX200 password

Many a time we failed to remember a password we used to a particular phone or device may be because of time or other issue we face. Let me show you the easier way to unlock or remove LG GX200 password or enter code.

      LG GX200 password

Do you have this kind of old phone with lock password, why not follow the instruction on how to get it fixed.

Step on how to remove LG code

  1. Use RJ45 cable and connect the lG GX200 as shown in the picture below.

    LG GX200 password

2. Connect the RJ45 as indicted in the diagram below.

     LG GX200 password

3. Then connect to any china phone box, GPG Dragon, Volcano box or Miracle box.

    LG GX200 password

4. Read the LG GX200 info first.

           LG GX200 password

5. Then after the Read info you backup the LG GX200 flash file incase anything go wrong.

     LG GX200 password

6. You either the the code and insert the code manually or you format to phone to reset the LG GX200 to factory setting.

Note: You have to be careful because any ohone being handle with china flashing box can fail to power on. So backing up of the flash file of LG GX200 is very important so that the LG GX200 can be restored if it fails to power on after reset.


Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it.

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