How to fix Tecno C8 hanging

How to fix Tecno C8 hanging

Tecno C8 Camon hanging solution

Today we going to see the easiest way you can use to fix your Tecno C8 Camon hanging problem. Although many hanging issues on android is being caused by touch screen but ironically some are not. Android usage sometimes can develop unexpected  problem that only qualified technician can detect the fault. If you have an android hanging without scratch on the LCD/scren I advice you to flash the phone or do hard reset first. If you pulling the (if is not in-bult battery) and is not responding.

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Step 1: Hard Reset

  • Power of the phone

  • Press Vol- button and power button

  • When phone enter recovery mode

  • Select factory reset and reset all

  • set up your phone as new phone

  • done

Step 2: Perform power reset

  • Press and hold the Power key + Volume Up key for 12 seconds.

  • When you see the screen go to black, Release the keys.

  • Turn on your device. If you see a menu, select Normal Boot.

  • Go into Settings and tap Storage.

  • choose Reset Cached data.

You phone is back to factory stage and ready to be used!

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Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it. This is for educational purposes.

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