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How to fix Nokia Lumia 730 USB issues

Nokia Lumia 730 Charging Jumper Issue Ways

Lumia 730 charging port

Charging issue in Nokia Lumia 730 can be because of charging pin broken harm and because of water instance of charging issue versatile can not spare power in battery and may it demonstrates fake charging in it. In fake charging condition you can just observe charging signe in portable yet it won't spare any power control in it

to sole charging issue Nokia Lumia 730 Charging Arrangement Jumper Issue Ways Charging Not Bolstered

After disassamply of cell phone you need to do a couple ventures as appeared in above diagram.check charging jack and its focuses do they hae great esteem if yes then change chager and check it and if charging focuses at mother board don't indicate accourate esteem with meter then you hae to check all parts and tracks that are given in chart of Nokia Lumia 730.

Take a look at mother board change precisely if there is any rust or carbon and water harm or may any segment is damage.if any track is missing apply jumpers as given and if any part is harm or broken then supplant it with new one.

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Lumia 730 USB charging

If you don't mind take note of that albeit each outline and arrangement posted on our site has been tried by one or more colleagues posting,so we won't be in charge of any misfortune or harm, including individual injury.Use this repair arrangements at your own particular hazard.

This is how to repair Nokia Lumia 730 charging port


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