Hard Reset Gicent Halo Android

Hard Reset Gicent Halo Android

How to Hard Reset Gicent Halo 1 Android 5.1

Gicent Halo android

If you have this kind of android that is  Gicent Halo 1 Android 5.1 and mistakenly forget the password or pattern. Do not worry the solution is here. Make sure you stick to the steps outline here.

Step 1

  • Charge the battery of the Gicent Halo 1 Android 5.1 up till 50%

  • Make sure the USB charging port is working

  • Hold the power and Volume - buttons

  • Wait for the phone to enter Fastboot mode

  • Select wipe/clear option

  • Wait for about 5 min for the Gicent Halo 1 Android 5.1 to restarts

  • Your are done.

Step 2

  • Charge the battery of the Gicent Halo 1 Android 5.1 up till 50%

  • Make sure the USB charging port is working

  • Get your USB cord

  • Ensure your Miracle Box is ready

  • This phone is SPD 6820 so that must be selected

  • Read the flash file before anything.

  • If Debugging mode is on then wipe data

  • Or format with Miracle box

Check the picture details information about Gicent Halo 1. It shows clearly that this android is not mtk but spd. As spd care should be taken because china phone flashing box can kill SPD phones.

Gicent Halo hard reset

From the arrows in the diagram it shows that Gicent Halo 1 is an SPD android phone.


Factory Hard reset will set your telephone in original factory settings. It will expel every one of the information and applications that you introduced. Your contacts will be evacuated and you need to include them once more. Zamdtek is not responsible for any damages that may happened due to using this guide to your phone. If any problem happened that related to flashing instructions, Zamdtek will help you to solve it. This is for educational purposes.

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