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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Nokia 8 TA-1052 android 8.0.1,8.1.0 FRP bypass, google account and Hard Reset

Nokia 5 TA-1024 8.1.0 FRP bypass, Hard Reset
Nokia 8, TA-1052 FRP Bypass and hard reset. Nokia is a good phone to depend on,  as other companies upgraded to android phones Nokia followed suit by introducing pure android Nokia phone. 

This phone unlike Lumia and Windows Nokia, this series of Android phones are product of Nokia This Nokia Android 5 series not only runs purely on Android but also has snapdragon chip. When it comes to security, Nokia does not joke but in this case where Nokia because of public demand runs on Google Android OS, as an open market must suffer the same leakage of other androids.

In this post we will show you how to bypass Nokia TA-1052 Hard Reset, FRP or Reset the Google account in android version 7.0,7.1,8.0.1,8.1.0 without flashing the phone, 

Step 1. Nokia 8 TA-1052 hard Reset.

i)      Charge your Nokia 8 TA-1052 android phone battery.

ii)     Power off the Nokia phone. 


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