Monday, 13 August 2018

Tecno S9 hot and discharges battery 100% solution

Tecno S9 hot and discharges battery
Tecno S9 Hot solutions
Tecno S9 no power solution.
Tecno S9 when run down won't power unless battery boasted.
Tecno S9 DRAM flashing error with SP Tool solution
Tecno S9 dead after flashing with SP Tool or Miracle Box solution.
SP Tool DRAM failed 4032 error with Tecno Y6 solution.

Tecno S9 power solution

Tecno Y6 power ic solution.

The choice of android you buy sometimes depends on your budget. But in most cases it depends on the ore you preferred or what someone recommended for you.

This is not always the case because if you want to buy a phone, think of the durability not affordability. This is because a smart phone you buy for $8 that can last for 4 years is better than the one you buy for $5 that can only last for one year.

That you have a new phone doesn’t mean it will not be faulty. Zamdtek is always here to help you rectify any fault you have with your phone or computer.


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