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Friday, 16 March 2018

X-BO SONY Clone V6 Display fix 100% solution

X-BO V6, X-BO V8 clone Sony display problem after flashing.

X-BO V6, X-Bo V8 display  problem after flashing

Did you encounter any problem like the picture above after flashing?.
Were you able to solve this particular problem or you gave up?
We here don't give up so easily, we go extra mile and try our last chance.

We flash this particular phone X-BO V6 with X-BO boot with this ROM 
Normally this particular file works for all variant of X-Bo V6 expect the V6 that boot with HTC  logo which you can flash with 
XBO V6 MT6572 oppo htc logo firmware download.

After flashing the X-BO to white screen display.
We tried all the Display Fix ROM/file online but the screen remains the same. We try files like
1. sony.xbo.v6.MT6572.display.fix
2. X-Bo V7 display fix
3. SONY XBO-V6 LCD FIX FIRMWARE FREE SW-MT6572__V6__V6__xiaoxin__4.4.2__ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.7 TESTED.
4. Sony V17 lcd fix firmware
5. X-BO V8+ display fix

After trying these series of files the Screen remains Blank but we can't just give up. There must be a way out. Most at times when you face a phone problem two things should come your mind a. Hardware and b. software.

We are almost done with software so what remains is Hardware.
So lets try hardware, is simply is like the LCD is having problem and needs to look at.

  • Open the X-Bo android and remove battery.
  • Loose or disassemble the phone with screw-driver.
  • Detach the LCD and touch from the board.
  • Carefully unscrew that panel out from the phone.
  • Check flex attached to mouthpiece and speaker.
  • Carefully remove the paper back or de-solder the flex connecting the down panel with the up panel.
  • Look for a working screen a fix to X-Bo V6 or V8.
  • Alas the phone with start working again.
  • Your problem is solved.

Infinix Hot Restarting & hanging solution eg Hot 4

Infinix Hot Restarting & hanging even after flashing

Do have a bricked infinix android especially Infinix Hot Series like Infinix Hot like:

Infinix Hot 5 Lite Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot S Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 4 Lite Restarting & hanging

Infinix S2 Restarting & hanging

Infinix S2 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot S3 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 LTE Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 3 Pro Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot 2 X510 Restarting & hanging

Infinix Hot X507 Restarting & hanging

And suddenly the phone started restarting. How have tried flashing using SP ToolVolcano Box and Miracle Box.

You have downloaded all the Infinix ROM and flash the infinix Hot but it still hangs and restarts.
The technician has told you that no solution again unless you change the panel. You have stormed a right place because your final solution is here.

How get the infinix hot restarting fixed.

Step 1. Loose/disaasemble the Infinix hot android with srew-driver.
Step 2. Remove the battery most of the batteries are inbult battery.
Step 3. Carefully check the panel for dust and clean the panel.
Step 3. Reinstall the battery and power the Infinix Hot android phone.
Step 4. Wait for some time and see if it will boot fully.
Step 5. Check the power connector for rust on any teeth.
Step 6. Remove or change the camera (recommended)

Remove the battery then remove the camera, reinstall the battery without the camera and power your phone. If you succeed then you have to change the camera or clean the camera flex terminals.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Window 8 password reset trick

How to reset Window 8 password without CD or Login or Command or software

Window 8 password reset

Welcome to the aim of this website is to make life easier for the use. We strive to a length in other to break those unbreakable complex tricks in technology. We have written on many things but will continue to write. Just continue visiting the web as new things that will help you keeps coming on the site.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Do you have this type of android phone Samsung Galaxy S2 like GT-I9100 that does not come up or charge. You have tried everything but no success. Don't panic here is your final solution.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Samsung Galaxy S2 dead, hard bricked power solution.

Step 1: Read the battery voltage about V3.6 or V4.2

Step 2: Allow the phone pluged in charger for some times.

Step 3: Connect the phone to computer if you have one and see if it will start installing driver.

Step 4: If you don't have Computer continues from step 3.

Step 5: Remove the battery from the phone and check for short from the battery connector.

Step 6: Plug in the charger without battery in the phone.

Step 7: Read the voltage of the battery connector with multimeter.

Step 8; Check the reading on the meter and you will notice that the Positive and Negative terminals are not reading same thing.

Step 9: Take your screw-driver and loose/disassemble the phone.

Step 10: Check for water damage, clean and heat lightly with rework station.

Step 11: Allow the Galaxy S2 some minutes and fix battery and test. If is not coming on yet be ready for work.

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How to change China to English Language in VIVO

Get your Rework station ready

Get your soldering iron ready

Get your lead and paste ready

We are not responsible for any damage on your phone.

If you have applied all the above steps and your pone is not booting, it means that a capacitor that controls the power is faulty. So this capacitor must be changed or removed.

Take a look at the picture below

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Use rework station or hot soldering iron to remove or replace this capacitor. Care must be taken not to damaged another component or ic.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution

Look for a scrab where you can get a replacement of this capacitor. Even if you just removed it the Galaxy S2 will still work normal.

Samsung Galaxy S2 power solution


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

HP 2000, 2xxx series Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

Buying of Laptop is a big achievement depending what you tend to use it for. If you not using it for fun, then you should be more careful the way you handle it. Most people think that Laptop is like Android smart phone with common USB port. So anywhere they see adapter or charger, they will plug in their Laptop.

Laptop is not a phone, it select an adapter. The adapter Laptops use varies in Wattage, current and voltage. Voltage is more pronounced than others. it varies from 14V to 20V. where V represents Voltage. The adapter comes in different pin port.

The signs of faulty laptop

Power LED and battery LED flicker when the adapter tip is moved

Battery is not charging when plug in.

Sparks come from the laptop board.

When you plug it in charger/adapter the port will be loose.

Move the power plug and the laptop loses connection

Broken or cracked dc jack

Laptop does not indicate charging but worked on battery

Causes of faulty Laptop

A mistake in manufacturer designs

Use of unspecified of fake ac adapter

Frequent change of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter

Instability of supplying light to the ac adapter cord.

How to fix HP2000 and all 2xxx series power problem

Check How to remove  Laptop BIOS password

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Lets go

Get your screw-driver ready and picker.

Get your Rework station and Paste ready.

You may be needing small amount of lead.

Step 1 Turn the backside of your laptop and remove the battery.

Step 2 Open the RAM, Wireless LAN adapter cover and detach the two.

Step 3 Open Hard disk Drive cover and remove the Hard Drive.

Step 4 Ensure you remove all the available nuts from the back.

Step 5 Check the nut/screw holding the CD ROM and loose it so you can detach the ROM.

Step 6 Careful detach the keyboard and loose screws under it.

Step 7 Careful separate the Laptop completely.

Observe this picture closely and you can notice about two burnt ic

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution 

Get a similar Motherboard and remove the ic from there

How to fix HP 2000, Power solution

After the ic replacement you cam power your HP Notebook.

Monday, 5 March 2018

China phones keypad and Screen power solution

We have show you China phone power solution before today we going to bring to you the most common problem with China phone which is Light.

Water damaged or liquid damaged China phone can easily lack light or continuous displaying white screen. Even if the lcd is changed it may not solve the problem. Most often the keypad light will display but LCD will not.

If there is light on keypad then find the negative and positive terminal of the screen and join the keypad light. Tapping the keypad light to LCD should be a careful process because you may short-circuit the keypad light and no light will show both on keypad and LCD.

In this post we are going to show the easiest way you can fix both LCD or screen light of any china phone.

Note: Android China phones are not included here.

How to repair China phones Screen and keypad light. 

1 Get you star-screw driver.

2 Get your Rework Station on if you have any.

3 Get you connecting wire ready.

4 Plug your Soldering iron.

5 Get paste ready for applying on the base.

6 Remove the battery and sim of the phone.

7. Loose/disassemble your phone with screw driver

8. Check for water damaged part or rust on the screen legs.

9. Clean the phone with vacuum cleaner or spirit.

10. Test if the light will come up.

11. If it does then is time to do the real job.

Take a look at the picture below.

China phones keypad and Screen power solution 

Use lead and soldering iron and make short some legs according to the diagram. 

China phones keypad and Screen power solution 

Use connecting wire and tap light from the led at the keypad according to the second picture below

If you get the connection right the test the China phone and see the screen light working.

This has been tested on our workshop before dropping it as a post.

If you don’t get the picture clear use the comment box.